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your ass is grass and i'm opposed to lawns on an ecological basis

itll take more time & work to see how this pans out but im hopeful

i.... think i figured out how to do my more detailed inking w/o destroying my hand.... & all it took was actually diving into CSP instead of hobbling along w/SAI forever.... oh no

ok one more selfie bc im vain as fuck & love how my hair came out & also bc its amazing how much a lack of glasses & a lil extra smokey-eye can change a look lol (i.... actually kinda like the glasses look better tho....)

srsly tho im so fuckin far behind & i hate it lol

if im gonna make it anywhere else (or even continue to make it -here-) im gonna have to kick my own ass

its about as affordable as/about the size of pittsburgh but has the added benefit of 1. a mediterranean-ish climate & 2. not being on the east coast (sorry, ive been a west coast queer most of my life lol)

tfw you didnt wanna move to stockton bc someone you didnt really wanna run into still lives there but its still a damn sight better than moving to tx again & you miss that good-ass high desert climate

boosting my own selfie bc in spite of meatspace me not being nearly as hot as me.... still pretty hot

yknow it took me this fuckin long to figure out the camera on my phone was in mirror-selfie mode lol

flipped this one as a test (& also tried to color-correct, w/mixed hair is indeed more purple than that in person??)

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