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i accidentally doused myself in old spice & now i smell like someones cool lesbian aunt

tfw you read the latest oglaf & now you just want key lime pie

"what do you -mean- the second track is 500bpm"

"yeah, in 7/1 time"


also did some barely-perceptible level adjustment throughout during different sections bc the heavy-handed multiband compression i used on the first take kinda fucked up the dynamic range

laid down additional (acoustic) drums & a little guitar in that track (just a touch of each, didnt need a lot really), did some eq adjustment to the rest to suck some of the oomph out of the bottom end (trust me, i love bass but this was unbalanced) & put some mids back in bc on reflection it sounded like i took a scoop to it lol

trying to quit again & i really really really
want a cigarette

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