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okay thats 3 people telling me to ask chr now & i dont really actually wanna bother anyone about something so fuckin silly haha. also its not gonna look good at that scale imo

looking in my lyrics folder & seeing one file thats got very iron&wine-ass lyrics & another that sounds like it fell out of marilyn mansons ass lol

(they say, packing a pipe full of the cheapest fuckin tobacco in the world)

this wasnt a joke so much as a note-to-self bc id like to take better care of this body as much as im at odds with it 150% of the time

soon as dinner/smokeables/cleaning are squared away im gonna try to break back into my inbox & get all this new work in proper order ๐Ÿ”ฅ

reminder to all fellow demons, AIs, and other brain-and/or-body-cohabiting entities: a healthy host is a happy host, and a happy host is aฬธ ฬตcฬทoฬทmฬธpฬดlฬดiฬธaฬดnฬตtฬธ ฬธhฬดoฬตsฬดtฬต

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