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there are terrible rumors flying around that i'm actually not that huggable, and i'm here to put a stop to it because clearly *gestures vaguely at herself* i'm INCREDIBLY huggable,

"will they ever make a hot sauce hot enough to fulfill my desires," i say as i dump 4 oz of pure capsaicin into my mouth

i have a habit of squeaking whenever i’m surprised by something or if i accidentally drop something & idk where it came from

too furry for this horrid earth, i guess ​:blobthinkingglare:


ICE has taken a very important person from us.

I met Eduardo when he was just 18 and starting college. Then he got caught in a nearly fatal gas explosion, recovered, and immediately got on his feet organizing to support his community.

He's been one of the most prominent and important anti-ICE activists in Massachusetts, especially WeMA, these past few years.

PLEASE help him out

*HeadOn ad voice* crowbar! apply directly to the transphobe

[sees a cop] disgusting. they shouldnt be out in public. how am i supposed to explain that to my kids

now i've just gotta figure out how to hide the big fucking "AGE RESTRICTION WARNING" link on the menubar because it seems.....unnecessary....

okay i think this is finally reasonably okay

again, all that's up is 3 OLD-ass "beta version" pages, but at least the 18+ warning works right now >:|

time to do some other stuff like take my meds and finish working on something for the night and then
:wide_s: :wide_l: :wide_e: :wide_e: :wide_p:

it's okay though. what's that saying? "the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, but the second best time is right now"?

i'm just getting very "fuck yooOOoou" at my lack of doing anything sooner right now

testing something quietly

for a few minutes, at some point later tonight, a few pages from the first version of entanglement (from 2013ish?) will be public-facing on some server somewhere

gotta throw SOMEthing at comic easel to test it after all

i will keep moving. i am moving. and soon i'll be unstoppable.

i only say shh because it's just like. a step. a single tiny step. i have to keep moving.

there's no indication of what
we were meant to be

sucking up to strangers,
throwing wishes to the sea

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