let me sing you the song of my people: iiiiiii'm gay gay GAY gay GAY gay gay gay gaygay gaygaygay GAAAY gaaay gayGAAAY gay gay gay, i'm gay

"phone camera" more like "forehead enlarger" am i right

i legitimately thought it was almost 11 pm

what the fuck

sleepy.........................*pours α-methylphenethylamine into her coffee*

showering's been an adventure considering i'm pretty sure there's a wasp nest inside the wall right behind the toilet

at least one wasp has been caught buzzing around in there :thaenkin:

*shakes off fifty pounds of dust* time to fuck the rest of this month up

hey everyone writing code: you can't get around this. code does not exist in a noble mathematical void which absolves you of accountability. any system which people touch is tied into the fabric of society, and should be scrutinized for potential to do harm.

How to make a racist AI without really trying blog.conceptnet.io/posts/2017/

"... the sentiment is generally more positive for…

i'm an easily-led fool but i'm trying to change that

maybe it picked up red flags my conscious didn't and it just came out in a really fucked up way

maybe my self-loathing was my subconscious trying to tell me something

i accidentally did this with a spiro once because i wasn’t paying attention and: Never Again

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