let's see if i can actually work through coughing fits today. i'm so so SO tired of not DOING anything. i'm afraid my drawing skills have rusted over in the last week. o_@

one of these coughing fits is gonna make me completely lose consciousness i swear

full of cough drops and DXM and orange juice trying like hell to just. not be sick anymore x_@

My tweets regarding #Pulse :better_pride:​ from 2017:

Same white gays crying over not being centered in talks abt Pulse don't want Black/Latin ppl anyways. We're not citizens to you ppl anyways

Be upset abt Pulse, but remember who died there. Black ppl. Latinxs. Boricuas.
Reminder for tomorrow when u go back to not giving a fuck

It's the anniversary of Pulse and it's awfully quiet.

As it always is.

The victims of Pulse were Black/Latinx and often at the intersection of both, including MANY Puerto Ricans. My auntie had to help a friend from her church prepare for a funeral of one of the victims.

#Pulse #orlando #WeRemember :better_pride:​

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if i survive whatever this is actively trying to destroy me, i will hunt it down and make it regret it ever dared to infect me

a terrible combo because the being very sick part keeps me from properly expressing the being very gay part

Tired: ff7 remake that includes the crossdressing mission
Wired: ff7 remake where you can choose to have cloud wear a dress the whole game with no transphobia

My favorite thing to do in Stockton is 'going anywhere else'.

Stockton's one of those cities where Googling 'things to do in Stockton' will bring up results for things to do in *other places*

feeling LESS like shit today, but the difference is subtle >:c

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