gonna get breakfast (at 2:20 pm bc i just woke up like an hour ago) & clean the house & hopefully spend the rest of the day (aside from dog-walking) working my ass off on everything i can

moving deadline is coming up soon & im woefully underprepared

sometimes after a day of vis-arting i make noise-resembling-music to cool down.... kinda ended up awake way too late last night tho

slightly overzealous autotuning? lyrics on the fly?? its an aesthetic! (& also it was like 5am & this is an apartment lol)


going back to trying to get 4 pieces of art done at once but first i wanted to ooze my homesickness all over the place bc its unbearable

took this photo in 2010 after i moved back home. moved away from home again in 2012. havent seen it since except passing by it on the way here (pittsburgh)

idk im just like. i cant go back. i know i cant, except maybe to visit. even that tiny place got too expensive because even central/eastern washington is like that now

(cracks her knuckles so hard they explode) ok time to finish! some! ....something!!!

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30,000+ stop and shop workers are currently on strike across New England! Workers aren't getting paid while on strike, so in order to persevere and survive until management gives in, they need money!

Please donate to our local strike fund and spread it around! chuffed.org/project/pvdsa-stop

If you're in America, instead of sending money in for Notre Dome have you considered sending money into one of the black churches who were arsoned?

One in Louisiana seems to have had some funding success on the back of this other popularized tragedy.

But there are a lot of other churches that haven't got the attention this one did.

On a meta level is kind of fucked up that the attention economy plays a role in hypocrisy of taking care of each other.

moving upstairs put on hold bc i had to eat dinner & that took a while & i still need to get work done lmao

then i gotta get to bed bc ive gotta wake up super super super early tomorrow....

contrary to popular belief, kmfdm doesnt stand for "kill mother fucking depeche mode" -or- "kein mitleid für die mehrheit", it stands for "korki makes fantastic disaronno mimosas"

@ProphetEKA -sometimes- ill find either surge (tall cans) or jolt cola (also tall cans) but if im ever like "i kinda miss original surge" ill just get a 12 pack of mello yello lol

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moving stuff back upstairs in anticipation of needing air conditioning soon lol

wanna actually get some work done today....

pardon my salt & bitterness, being in the fandom since the 90s makes me a lil touchy abt ppl coming along & being elitist-capitalist abt it all lol

@fluffy they dont!! & that louis-vuitton-esque logo slapped all over everything is fuckin ridiculous too

it shows a complete lack of understanding of the entire concept of a "fursona" lmao

I'm legitimately baffled by how they thought this would go for them. You're rolling up in a scene that's *very* community-oriented, personal and steeped in DIY sensibilities. And trying to neg it collectively? You get what you deserve there.

in-city public transportation would be fabulous if profit wasnt the only motivation lol

its a shitshow rn for sure

especially if paired w/like. banning cars from cities (to -start-)

an actual well-maintained passenger-only hi-speed continental (& inter-city etc) rail system would do a fuckload of good imo

ive been on it cross-country before & i have to say: amtrak doesnt count lol

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