going back to trying to get 4 pieces of art done at once but first i wanted to ooze my homesickness all over the place bc its unbearable

took this photo in 2010 after i moved back home. moved away from home again in 2012. havent seen it since except passing by it on the way here (pittsburgh)

idk im just like. i cant go back. i know i cant, except maybe to visit. even that tiny place got too expensive because even central/eastern washington is like that now

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i would -absolutely- wear this outfit while wandering around downtown north bend do -not- test me 👀

really fuckin quick trace-over of an old sticker bc i missed using it but the old one was just.... not current me lol

still working on real shit, still getting used to CSP bc SAI is just. creaky at this point

ok one more selfie bc im vain as fuck & love how my hair came out & also bc its amazing how much a lack of glasses & a lil extra smokey-eye can change a look lol (i.... actually kinda like the glasses look better tho....)

yknow it took me this fuckin long to figure out the camera on my phone was in mirror-selfie mode lol

flipped this one as a test (& also tried to color-correct, w/mixed success...my hair is indeed more purple than that in person??)

bleach results: idk how or why it did this but im into it tbh lol

waiting for it to dry so i can dump the purple on it 👀

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