@skolli *Imagines an idyllic woodland critter scene shattered by a tree branch falling*

@skolli Yaori: Korki, I'd make you a Fire Flower, but it'd be a Poppy the size of a sunflower. :| I'm still worried what your Magical Girl form is.

@skolli *Keri sighs* Well yes, but this is Yaori's magic. Gin will get magnetized to you and we're gonna have to deal with rainbow obsessed flower child super magical girl Korki in her pretty silver tiara belting out hipster folk music on a banjo because she's fully saturated with Gin's thrill at being Alive.
*She listens to Yaori for a moment then nods* Oh, almost forgot. There's a good chance your downstairs bits will get fused, too. She's Very Thorough.

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