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it should be obvious, since it's in my profile info, but i'll restate it for posterity (and so i can pin it): if you're a minor (that means under 18)? Do Not Fucking Follow Me And Do Not Interact With Me. no joke. thanks in advance.

mental files are being deleted at record-breaking rates / the work will soon begin

i pull a string. leg kicks forward. i pull another string. hand draws a weapon. i pull a third string and the world gets smaller by degrees.

this body doesnt run on hope anymore, just puppetry & sleight of hand

a drink to fortify us in our task: to eat our gods

bring your own condiments

'you are pretty good at being a carbon-based protein-folding unit'

73 6F 6D 65 77 68 65 72 65 2C 20 61 20 73 65 61 6C 20 68 61 73 20 6F 70 65 6E 65 64

korki :skounking: relayed

two lesbians are in bed together, one of them says "is it gay in here or is it just me"

and the other says, "oh my god, a girl talked to me!!!"

i know i could buy pastis & anhydrous caffeine & shake (very) well etc

someone needs to make caffeinated pastis tbh

i am the king and queen of bad ideas :skounking:

normally one would assume theyre equally bad in different ways but when i need to get shit done its pretty clear which one is more effective :angery:

by sheer force of will alone* im gonna yank my ass out of depression & into mania

*: excessive amounts of stimulants

ritual to manifest inner indestructible skunkform instead of fragile stock humanform when

smoke -> groceries -> flop around like a fish

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