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it should be obvious, since it's in my profile info, but i'll restate it for posterity (and so i can pin it): if you're a minor (that means under 18)? Do Not Fucking Follow Me And Do Not Interact With Me. no joke. thanks in advance.

my brain feels like a rube goldberg machine w/several missing pieces

i need to learn when i estimate a delivery time for someone, i need to consider how long it takes me to do certain things >:|

trying to finish pencils for something but i dont think its gonna happen tonight

got a good chunk of it done but its got a lot going on in the background that i wanna convey well & its just not coming together yet :thaenkin:

i dont think i should be allowed online tbh

[NSFW furry art] sometimes you just need to relieve some stress Show more

(notices how many other skunks are now following me on birdsite) yes, good, the skunkening is beginning

in case it wasnt immediately clear, @korki is now my artposting account (this one will continue being my skunkposting account :skounking: )

[NSFW furry art] refsheets for my fursonae, pt. 2 Show more

[NSFW furry art] refsheets for my fursonae Show more

[NSFW furry art] no wonder rose has such a sunny disposition.... Show more

he/him aint gonna hurt me one bit but i might tie your shoelaces together if you keep doing it :skounking:

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