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it should be obvious, since it's in my profile info, but i'll restate it for posterity (and so i can pin it): if you're a minor (that means under 18)? Do Not Fucking Follow Me And Do Not Interact With Me. no joke. thanks in advance.

i’m emotionally needy yet a loner at the same time, idk how to reconcile these >:/

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didn't get the coloring done, as i thought, but got a significant chunk of the flats done! whew~

i feel like some of my dreams accidentally trip some hidden "mark as prophetic" flag when they're not supposed to or something

i can't shake that dream from last night, it felt too weirdly real in spite of its contents

*blinks really hard* ...that horrendous amtrak ride was THIS YEAR

holy fuck 2018 was thirty years long

like it'd sit there and be like "unable to connect, trying again in xx seconds" For Ever

discord only JUST started working for me again earlier today after being unable to even start it for a week >:| hmm

*rolls around on the floor blasting carpenter brut tracks out of a tiny bluetooth speaker*

done with the coloring TONIGHT i mean, of course i'll finish it lmao

doubt i'll get done with the coloring on it but i'm halfway through the inks on another commission 🙏

!!! WARNING !!!

you may however only the ringtail if we're lovers

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