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what does "exist" mean? 

So, Schrodinger's cat.

Both alive and dead until you open the box. Then it's one or the other.

Things change when we observe them.

But if something never gets observed...

does it still exist?

what does "exist" mean? 

@victoria I especially like the line about "there *is* only one wave function: the wave function of the entire universe!"
I remember this being mentioned early in my partial differential equations class and i had one of those "ooooo Big Truth" moments.
i like remembering times when i have had that feeling.

what does "exist" mean? 

@victoria When he mentioned the decoherence and the "branching" that part stopped making sense.

It had the same feeling as from the probability things he's suggesting we throw out. What if this is *also* a thing we should throw out?

Then at the end, the expert said, "you have to remember, that the whole idea of 'branching' is just a human convenience."

In the context of the other things he said just before that, I'm not sure if he realizes the extent of what he said at that moment. Or maybe he does but doesn't think the audience is ready to think about it.

Based on how the video is structured, I certainly don't think the *host* noticed.

This is a video I've seen before, but I am very glad to have been reminded of it, and to have rewatched it.

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