Anime-loving nerds, do you know if anyone has ever tried to organise a poster session at an anime convention?

@cpsdqs I bet even those immediately find a new question to drive them absolutely up a wall


The {Weak-Strong} Bashir-Worf Hypothesis states that the way you speak {Influences-Determines} what your DS9 cosplay should be

@Flisk sudo systemctl disable --now gender.service

vaguely considering making separate accounts for each of the headmates/facets/whatevers. It's easier to feel like you exist when you can see other people noticing you exist? And that's a thing we sometimes feel like we're missing. So maybe having a place we can be ourselves individually might come in handy. But then we gotta do the whole But Which Instance Do We Join thing all over again... at least three times...

and that's not even starting trying to figure out profile pics lol

what does "exist" mean? 

So, Schrodinger's cat.

Both alive and dead until you open the box. Then it's one or the other.

Things change when we observe them.

But if something never gets observed...

does it still exist?

Remember when it was cool that your spare compute power could be used to look for aliens or cure cancer instead of creating digital money?

For those hosting your own email servers,

What is your favorite server? I'm looking for an open source one with antivirus integration.

Please boost if you know someone who hosts an email server

The primary function of washing something is to remove undesirable substances. You wash your hands to remove dirt and pathogens.

Soap helps by destroying the bond between the thing you're cleaning and the stuff you're removing. Some soaps have additional properties like surrounding small particles to make them rinse away more easily

The goal is not to kill pathogens (though often soaps do some of that too, as a side effect), just remove them. Antibacterial soaps are only useful when you need to kill the tiny amount of pathogen that remains behind from washing. That's almost never needed.

"Try or try not. There is no do."
- executive dysfunction yoda

I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

"Algorithm" is when you tell your friend Alan to dance

Singing to a pet rabbit:

Carry on my wayward bun
There'll be treats when you are done
Lay your weary ears to rest
Don't you hop no more

Why call it "stroller" or "pushchair" or "buggy"...

when "Heircraft" is *right there*? @Rasp idk i just wish i felt like i belonged anywhere at all, and there existing events i might go to someday if i figure out how to get there and how to not be too nervous and how to DoTheThing enough to actually go, allows me to pretend i might actually go meet people and make friends and have a place to belong someday.

Every time my cat wakes up from her morning nap, she meows loudly and comes over to me to inform me of the time and that i should be Doing Something.

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