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Aloïs ☀️🌴• アロイス @siyola

Hello everyone, I just made my account.
I'm a 29yo queer guy from France. I am a digital artist and an electronic music composer. I love video games, especially Metroid series and metroidvanias in general. I like to learn languages and I'm struggling hard with Esperanto xD
Also, I write things sometimes. Oh and I have big social anxiety. But I'm fixing it

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@siyola Salut! Welcome to cybre :) What are you playing at the moment? Where can I find your music? Glad to see you here 👌

@unflding I'm playing Hollow Knight and Samus Return (+ I re-do AM2R and Super Metroid Haha)
You can find my music on Youtube, spotify, iTunes, Google play etc... as the name of RedScorpio4, if you are interested :)

@siyola sounds great! How are you finding Hollow Knight? I'm thinking of getting it but my only Metronid-style game has been Celeste (which I love 😂). I'll check out your music, always love new stuff! 😀

@unflding I've never play Celeste but I have seen speedruns at the SGDQ (which was very impressive!)
Hollow Knight is very beautiful, I am in love with its dark ambience. But it can be challenging sometimes xD

@siyola Ha, these types of games are challenging all the time aren't they 😂 I'm very new to any gaming so some seem impossible 😋

What brings you to cybre then? :)

@unflding Haha :p

A friend of mines is in and when I saw the description etc... of the instances, I knew it was for me xD

@siyola Ha that's great! Good to meet you, I'll bother you for game suggestions when I'm doing with Celeste :mario_awe: 😂

@siyola hi! welcome to fediverse. I'm interested in your electronic music production. Do you have anything on Bandcamp?