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Hello everyone, I just made my account.
I'm a 29yo queer guy from France. I am a digital artist and an electronic music composer. I love video games, especially Metroid series and metroidvanias in general. I like to learn languages and I'm struggling hard with Esperanto xD
Also, I write things sometimes. Oh and I have big social anxiety. But I'm fixing it

Midnight. Time to sleep. Goodnight everyone. Have great dreams. Hugs if you want ❤️

Medianoche es un buen momento para dormir. Buenas noches a vosotrxs. Os deseo buenos sueños. Abrazos si lo queréis ❤️

Yay. Tomorrow I will play Spyro Reignited. I’m so impatient!

"Dale un pez a un hombre y comerá un día, dale una caña de pescar y comerá todos los días, dale una bandera y olvidará que tiene hambre"

I must do my Duolingo lesson on the ultimate vice language (German)

I'd like to change my profile picture for something more... happy/colored. But I haven't sooo much X gifs.

Let's go searching.

I was looking to the road 61 to Centralia (Pennsylvania) and all the things people wrote on it.

Too much dicks. As usual.

Salut les gens, comment va ? Bon courage pour le taff, les cours, tout ça. Le lundi c’est capitaliste.

Hi people. What’s up? I wish you a great week ❤️

Hola amigxs. ¿Qué tal? Os deseo un buen lunés y una buena semana 💋

Ok I get why I’m so bad at Megaman X.
I forget that I’m not in Megaman NES, that I have wall jump and dash....

Hi everyone. What’s up? Have a nice Sunday ❤️

Hola amigxs. ¿Qué tal? Os deseo un buen domingo ❤️

Goodnight girls, enbies & guys. Sleep well and have nice dreams. ♥

Buenas noches la gente. Os deseo buenos sueños ♥

I love you all. Show more

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