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Hello everyone, I just made my account.
I'm a 29yo queer guy from France. I am a digital artist and an electronic music composer. I love video games, especially Metroid series and metroidvanias in general. I like to learn languages and I'm struggling hard with Esperanto xD
Also, I write things sometimes. Oh and I have big social anxiety. But I'm fixing it

Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je me mettais du vernis noir.

lol mdr le bottom typique mdr lol

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Wesh le Fediverse. Passez un bon mercredi et tout.

Hi Fediverse, have a nice Wednesday!

Hola Fediverse. Que tengais un buen miercolés.

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Wesh les gens. Bon mardi. Des câlins et tout.

Hi people. Have a nice Tuesday. Hugs and stuff.

Holá la gente. Que tengáis un buen martes. No sé cómo se dice "câlins" en español pero yo lo hago a vosotros.

En vrai ici je toot tellement en écriture automatique ici

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I love tha fact that furaffinity give me the opportunity to see Mr Peanut Butter really gay

Sure sex is great but have you ever gotten a single notification on Mastodon?

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