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skibbitybeepbop the destroyer

C:\mkdir fuck
The media is write protected.

i tried to get it back into MBR by just copying the layout as seen in gdisk into fdisk and overwriting but, windows is being weird and won't modify anything from the recovery environment. it says the disk is write protected :blobwoah:

did i tell you i converted the MBR disk layout in my laptop to GPT and my laptop doesn't support UEFI

if anyone tells me the ratio can be reduced to 23 to 140 i'm calling the police

my ratio of available toots to deleted toots is approximately 69 to 420

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guess who left the freaking federated tab scrolled down again

has anyone actually tried this extension though? i don't use chrome now but i think last time i tried to use this it wasn't ready for primetime


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or at the very least, like, offer some way to easily see the full text

contextualize! your! ellipsis! algorithms!
looking at a folder full of files that all start with the same text and, thanks to the file manager, end with "..." is useless

lol, it has been nearly 4 years since google announced their end-to-end encryption extension for chrome. what ever could have happened to that project? :thaenkin:

omfg why did i connect this computer to the internet during windows 10 first-time setup?
it's going to be updating forever, and i have the updates on a flash drive anyway

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