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anyone seen that one avatar with the baby that basically eats the camera?

i'm having nightmares about it right now and i'm wide awake

it me, cowering in a corner from your halloween-style profile picture in february :blobsweats:

but not disapproving exactly

some people have avatars that scare me


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i deleted a couple of my rude mean iOS hate toots.
no more of that for a little bit. it's safe to mute me again for now

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"ah yes, live and let die, the two--"

iOS has like two features total and they both work. am i supposed to be impressed?

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@sireebob Sorry, couldn't hear your complaint over the Babylon 5 door chime I use as my custom system default notification on my Android.

it seems to me that the only advantage iOS has over android is that it works

working is overrated

even for the iOS apps that let you choose a notification tone, most only let you choose one of the standard built-in ones? :blobcatumm:

iOS standa for inOperable System

the app can implement the ability to choose but many don't.
android used to be that way too though

today i learned that iOS notification sounds can't be customized on a per-app basis

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