"You can disable access for these permissions in Settings"
no, you can't, because google chose not to allow you to turn off internet access for apps

interesting to see the permissions that this "free offline text to speech" app requests

the character formerly known as diddy kong returns as an eldritch horror!

this backpack is incredible. it's weightless, so it doesn't sink down at all into couches, and if you're wearing it on a bike, it has no shadow!

uh oh. is this the end for my pebble time watch?

any teachers out there need a visual aid to convince students they have to learn to read a clock? tutanota's sign-up process just showed me this

can we talk about what's going on with the icons in this Share Link menu in firefox for android?

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warning me just 5 minutes before cutting me off is not great for my wellbeing

Firefox Lite, or Rocket. had you heard of it?
apparently it is not available on the play store in the united states: play.google.com/store/apps/det
you can actually get it here though, regardless of where you live: github.com/mozilla-tw/Rocket/r

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