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who needs two-factor authentication when you can have no-factor authentication?

sireebob (cybre aspect) @sireebob

sure, we support two-factor auth

factor 1: your username
factor 2: your password

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shitpost, even nothinger Show more

@sireebob ...Tusky has a full-screen media viewer with a black background, everything else hidden, so when I tapped this to load it then set my phone down, I got confused for a bit when I looked back to see it loading with a strange boot splash :)

You click in and they ask Google if you have an account there and what it is, which Google infers from your recent browsing habits

@sireebob to log in you must split this lorge composite number into twoooooooooooo factors. 🤔

@sireebob nono, we're computer scientists, we gotta count like this!

factor 0: your username
factor 1: your password