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please, "pissbrain frisbee boy" is my father

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any task can be broken down into simpler steps:
1) begin to dread the task
2) complain about the task online
3) avoid the task
4) you're done! it's that easy!

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got a weird prank call,
i picked it up and all i heard was, "systemctl status refrigerator"

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"for verification purposes, please say the following word: hewwo"
"...i'm sorry, i didn't catch that. for verification purposes, please say the following word: hewwo"
"...i'm sorry, i still don't understand. for verification purposes--"
"HEWWO!!!! HEWWO!!!"

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails r Rails.cache.clear

i think it *may* have been related to this, but not sure:

i don't know how long so i assume forever lol. it's a profile thing. i can linkify it in toots: @admin

i think i may have encountered A Thing where if you try to linkify an account your instance doesn't know about yet, it caches the failure... forever?

what's black and white and unread all over

articles from sites that limit you to X per month

The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Bourne Again Shell

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please, "pissbrain frisbee boy" is my father

i'd like to see more emojo-based humor - stuff that doesn't depend on knowing a particular language.

like this: :blobmelt:💨

i'm old enough to remember a time when "cookies" were only ever a tasty treat

my browser has *cookies* that are older than you

wanna feel wizened?

there are LEGAL ADULTS who were born *after* blink-182's All The Small Things was released.

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