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i can't figure out this gibbon meme.
i guess you could say it's gibbon meme a hard time

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"if i were a cis man" is my favorite song from fiddler on the roof

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my bathroom is a warzone and my toilet is a war criminal

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any task can be broken down into simpler steps:
1) begin to dread the task
2) complain about the task online
3) avoid the task
4) you're done! it's that easy!

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n. a period in which half your body smashes the other half

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#sunset at St. Kilda #beach

This is probably the best #photo I've taken so far... 📷

I use it as my #wallpaper 😀

#picture #photography #sun #clouds #sky #beautiful

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"Is this cyberpunk?" "Why is this cyberpunk?!" "This is not cyberpunk." Your daily rants in cyberpunk-themed forums, since Tue Sep 22 16:19:31 1987.

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@sireebob Well, if it's muted at the console level, then perhaps it's not the sound that they're reacting to, but rather a strong premonition that something's happened, since there is no sound

hi, i'm a web browser. i will fight you to the death to prevent you from accessing any website using a protocol with security weaknesses, but you can go ahead and access it with a protocol that lacks security entirely

if a tree falls in the middle of a forest in a video game on a tv whose sound is muted, does it make a sound?

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how do I teach YouTube to stop recommending videos whose thumbnail is a white man making a weird face

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i'm sorry, that was rude of me. off to jail i go

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@sireebob the venn diagram of crime and rudeness is just one circle

rudeness is basically a crime, i think we can all agree

someone should make a conservative humor bot

i'm so tired but i refuse to let go of my weekend

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