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is it time for me to change my avatar?

if mid-handshake the guy squeezes your hand in a dominance display, simply swing your arms perpendicular to the handshake like you're frolicking in a meadow together

US politics 

a president publicly supporting the right to organize *after* being elected is huge, actually . it doesn't look like a lot, but that's a big shift from

people thoughts 

as like, a species i guess?, we desperately need to stop idolizing people.

in any context.

i'm starting to think this is a bigger problem than i ever realized before.

bitcoin/nfts are a symptom of a society where everyone is desperately trying to get rich so they can finally stop needing to justify their existence

.m PSA: /hors d'oeuvre/ is NOT pronounced /horse divorce/

fuck YEA it's my birthday month!!!!! if u feel so inclined and wanted to do something cool for me maybe toss a few bucks into my gfm for top surgery and/or share it around!! it would mean the world to me!!!! thanks y'all for ur love and support i love u ;_; 🖤

uspol bull 

manufacturing consent

when i heard about biden's relief bill only including $1400 to individuals, i thought "more like relief BULL!" but when it came out he was going to increase the federal minimum wage to $15/hr, that made me think, maybe that's an acceptable tradeoff. that would be huge for so many people.

of course, since then i learned it would be over the course of *years*. not great... and by now, we see that biden didn't even really care about having it in there, and everyone let it drop out. (you can try to argue he "cared" but that's meaningless when you have someone saying "i think it's going to fail" repeatedly without even visibly fighting for it)

so now i'm back to, decisively, relief bull. but you can see how someone might get tricked into thinking any of this is remotely okay

Uspol Gab trans slur 

"Gab has been hacked by mentally ill tranny demon hackers"

Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data
The transparency group DDoSecrets says it will make the 70GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to researchers, journalists, and social scientists.

Business idea: A social media site for the undead.


newpipe has a bug where it will no longer load youtube comments and i suppose in a way that's a feature

food nothing, religion 

also the apple is probably only considered a superfood because of that whole adam and (st)eve thing

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food nothing 

anyway food is food, love is love

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food nothing 

this site i'm looking at says things like apples and berries and spinach and fish are superfoods. but last i checked, they're just uh... foods? how do you even call them super when they've been around since long before we were even here, and they're, like... some of our earliest examples of foods? aren't they?

it kinda feels to me like we've flooded the food universe with so much crap of our own creation that we have to call some of the Original Foods "super" in comparison

:boost_ok:​ fedi tetris players: do you want to get together in a TETR.IO room this weekend? 

hey y'all fedi tetris players do you want to get together in a TETR.IO room this weekend?

we can do free-for-all versus knockout, tournament, duels, custom rules, etc

if you're ranked in Tetra League it might be helpful to say your rank? I haven't played the new season but I used to be A-

anyone is welcome of course, ranked or not, good and bad; we can figure something out if there's huge skill gaps

if enough people respond i'll DM everyone who favs this with the room URL before it starts

feel free to reply and discuss game modes/rules/etc


i really enjoyed super mario: bowser's fury a lot. i like odyssey but think i enjoyed bowser's fury more. short but sweet. and so many kitties! :ameowbongo:

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