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why couldn't investigators read bigfoot's texts? Show more

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"if i were a cis man" is my favorite song from fiddler on the roof

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more immature potty humor Show more

sometimes i try to do something and i usually regret it

wallabag won't import asynchronously and it times out when importing synchronously so i guess it's still firefox sync for me

okay. okay. finally. a working apple id with no real phone number or address. had to delete multiple apple ids to get to this point...

now with the new account it tells me to contact itunes support before i can access the store at all. i guess it really hates me using the white house as my billing address now.
apple is such a mistake

i got in and requested the apple id be deleted. creating another one where i will avoid ever entering a phone number or enabling two-factor

eh i got back in but had to add my real phone number. whyyy...

i guess you have to have a phone number if you ever had one

this is why i'm glad i never bought anything with my apple id. i can't log in anymore because i signed up with a temporary phone number i can no longer access.

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people keep talking about progressive web apps and it's like, who cares, i don't have a car let alone car insurance

i just don't understand why i can't use the white house as my billing address

i'm having extreme newbie issues setting up wallabag so i guess it's time to go to bed forever

foreach (post in sireebob.posts) post.content += "\n#nothing"

fwiw it looks like the firefox focus content blocker was the culprit, at least when combined with adguard. i guess having two was overkill. i didn't try firefox focus on its own

i'm not deleting any of this.

people commenting that I'm Wrong without reading the thread only cause me to grow in power

it was one of my content blockers.


the final lesson i learned tonight is that you can't change your marketing communication preferences with apple from within iOS. it's just an endless cycle of logging in and answering your security questions over and over, all the while it takes you to a blank white page

TIL those virtual credit card number things don't work when you want them to.
i also learned password managers make me want to eat my own ass

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