my logout route for my web app uses a get request, i want to change it to a post. what's the post way to post to a route from a web page, just make a form with nothing but a submit button?

@haskal this. fucking hate that people shit on javascript when it's literally the only way to make things even semi-functional

@simula @haskal why not use CSS to make the button look the same as the rest of the links on the site?

@tindall @haskal i mean i'm definitely going to i just hate that there's so many fucking heisenbugs that are incredibly easy to trigger

i prefer to do things with css instead of js but it's so tempting not to when js is one line and css is,,, many

@simula @haskal yeah

i mean i also do think there's a place for js but it's completely nuts to let random sites run arbitrary code on yr machine lol

@tindall @haskal literally everything these days runs arbitrary code. allowing files to run code the instant they're opened is fucking terrible

everything is bad except plaintext

@simula @haskal ish? html and css are p declarative though

i mean it's the difference between "if there's a parser bug you can cause some heap corruption and rop chain your way to an exploit" and "literal immediate rce by design" i guess


@tindall @haskal sure but my browser is fine running js without interaction, and changing that is a pain in the ass. reading straight html is also a bitch and a hald

literally every big document format i can think of has immediate rce by design

@simula @haskal html + css doesn't though? like, my site with js disabled is almost identical to my site with js enabled, you only miss out on syntax highlighting

@tindall @haskal your site, maybe

every big site out there breaks the second you disable js tho

@simula absolutely! i'm not saying _you_ should disable js in your browser, just that it's not great to _make_ one of those sites that breaks when js is off lol

@tindall oh definitely. unfortunately, making a decent interactive site that works with and without js is awful

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