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i hate cis people
i truly, honestly hate cis people
more than i have ever hated anything

cis people don't interact. don't fucking touch me. don't talk to me. don't come near me.

@simula also some ”hawt” topics down there

i... i probably wouldn't try ”3dicc”s transition assistance program...

someone on wikipedia left a nasty message for me

but apparently it was so bad they completely nuked the legs

lmao thats fantastic

Marxism needs to be interrogated from a Marxist viewpoint


Wikipedia just doesn't seem like a good place

Everyone seems mean

the nim repo admin just deleted my entire thread showing all the people attacking me


mask off

love that an admin on my AN thread talked about how great they are about stopping transphobia

meanwhile a few posts down someone is using transphobic slurs

"we're just using this literal nazi symbol to troll liberals"

okay but you're still using a nazi symbol?????????

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food crime mention 

lgbt hot take 

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