Suezo is taking over my PC!! 

Oh god, just opened up my web browser to check mastodon, and I forgor that I had a tab of a Suezo cosplay open.

wanna know what's grand?

when you accidentally hit the enter key on android's garbitch software keyboard and send a half-finished draft of your only rant-post to your timeline.

fuck you google, may you and the rest of silicon valley burn.

imagine a kobold that's vibrating at a very high frequency

how amazing is it that we're able to live in this technologically advanced future where we're no longer limited to just watching what's currently being shown on TV, now instead we're just limited to what's on Netflix this month

Holiday stuff 

🎄 Meryl Slim Jims and Help Me, New Mirror! :thounking: 🎄

Video Games and Cars 

On my way to the other side of the map, and this happened.

Slamming my head against the keyboard until I find a playlist to work to.

Eh, maybe I should probably start 3D modeling at 8:00 instead of 18:30 or however late in the evening I've been doing this shit... :dragnthaenkin:

Making fun of computer cases in 3D 

I remember being a fan of Alienware's case designs back when I was in high school, but as I've grown older, I have realized how tacky they really were, and how terrible they are at being functional.

So I got bored one day after finishing a 3D model of an old Chieftec Case from 2005, and decided to use the "Smooth" tool to create this Masterpiece of Gamer Aesthetic™️


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