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I post pics of my homemade food (nothing super fancy).

I occasionally interact with the online friends I have collected here but I'm not on as much as some.

Don't be surprised if I just fave all your toots without ever replying to them.

I CW political posts. I vote Democrat consistently but try hard to not harass or insult non-voters.

I used to be a conservative Evangelical Christian. Now atheist.

Most of my toots are locked & visible to followers only. I approve most follow requests.

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Really great background info about that "two wolves" story here:
Please boost as you would a good meme.

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Today is gonna be the day
That two wolves are inside of you
By now, you should've somehow
Realized what they're gonna do

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Charles Stross's "The High Frontier, Redux", on why interstellar/interplanetary colonization is a non-starter, is a necessary companion.

TL;DR: if we could terraform a planet, we could re-terraform Earth, and then we wouldn't have to leave Earth.

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32000 years ago, during the last ice age, an Arctic ground squirrel was gathering food, which it took back to its burrow. That squirrel never ate all of the fruit and seeds it stashed, and so they stayed there, buried under the Arctic permafrost. Forgotten.

Until the squirrel's ancient home was discovered by a group of Russian scientists. The research team managed to grow 36 plants from those ancient seeds. Here's one of them – an ancient type of campion (Silene stenophylla).


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why doesnt this boy seem to like me. are my antlers not impressive enough. are my scales lackluster. are the phosphorescent bands along my ventral side too dim

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i dont understand why so many people consider Play-Doh a great philosopher. Tastes like shit

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Ten green tentacles writhing on the Shoggoth
Cut one down, pAss it around
Eleventeenty-one green tentacles writhing on the Shoggoth
CUt oNe down, pAss it aRound
10.5E9999 green tentacles writhing on the Shoggoth
Cu# one d0--`wn, pa&s it a(((round
The sound of nameless things green tentacles writhing on the Shoggoth
#*#&(*4788 down, @$*&*&#$ it around
Hark! It knocks! green dentacles writing on the
Who's there?
Shoggoth who?
Shoggoth WHOM'ST'VE.
oh j-jorts.


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I mean, look at how cool this is.

(Photo by Dahlia Rudolph at Mt. Rainer - October 5, 2011)

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DO NOT talk about your crimes on social media, ever. This includes tagging.

Cops can read your posts, too, and when you brag about doing specific crimes you're making a confession that can bite you in a court of law.

(and it signals to your potential comrades that you're a loose cannon with loose lips, just saying)

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