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3/16 at least with fully spread braces. Now to get some 2x4s

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Okay table measurements. Nothing on it, just leaning on it kinda hard. Original brace positioning, got a 16th of an inch or less deflection

a well used public cafeteria would probably heal all hurt in the world tbh

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the idea of a public cafeteria is so sexy like sosososo sexy, I am obsessed with the thought that there can just be a building where you can go to get lunch with everyone who happens to live in your area, not a restaurant but a cafeteria in the place where you live with cheap food

bottle of multivitamin gummies themed fleshlight

gonna maybe have someone take pictures of me. and then. they pay me money. wtf

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i have an interview next saturday for doing some??? modeling???

i have a friend who's in the top gun maverick fandom and is posting like gay fanfiction for it and i'm like. i know we love fanfiction around here but idk how you can watch the american war machines do anything and feel anything but a burning rage

i would like to not have an anxety disortder

death to america, i think we should have a communist state

Especially given that the glass is already quite strong and rigid, I'm just trying to beef it up a bit so that it can resist bending stress from center loading it, which I'm concerned would make it shatter

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I have had a large glass coffee table surface as a desk for many years now. I like it a lot, it's a good size etc, and it's half an inch thick. However, it rests on two Ikea trestles and I've always been a little bit anxious that it's insufficiently supported for resting all my computers plus sometimes my upper body weight on it. It flexes a bit if I lean on it unless I have the trestles just right.

So I want to make a framework that goes underneath it out of wood which can give it a little extra support, and nice 2x4 legs at the corners. The problem is I don't know how to estimate what's a good size for the cross members that will hold it up. Like how do I eyeball the structural stability of this?

I think conspiracy theory debunking is kind of a lost cause because you're fighting against evidence when that's not what motivates most conspiracy theories. But I like learning historical facts and mocking people so! I continue to watch

Hey does anyone know where my black and green tape measure is?

went back to my original battery and it's already way better hell yeah

i need another kind of diacritic for circle script... i've got single tick, single line, double tick, double line, and then i need something else. maybe a circle? which could be casually rendered as a spiral? although i think the ticks were originally intended to be dots or circles...

the problem with FOSS basically is its emphasis on individual use and the lack of recognition that

software is and should be a public utility
at the end of the day, regardless of ideological intent, the majority of FOSS libraries exist as time donations to major companies by providing them with a library they don't have to rewrite themselves

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