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Going to the DMV and nearly got torpedoed by the fact that, while I was in the basement looking for papers, for some reason I put my current phone right on the stack of old broken phones. Perhaps the place I am least likely to check when I have misplaced my phone

post leftism pisses me off because it's like, oh, you're giving up on the important part (the actual philosophy of like, we should respect humans and work for the betterment of all) in favor of the less important part (having a cool label that says you're cooler than everyone else)

how does one get from penn station to jfk airport? is that a perilous trip or anything

might make some bent sheet metal brackets for this computer so that i can call it done

@scanlime i got it to work! the parts i was looking at were not threaded, but it turns out one of them came apart into two parts, which threaded together. and the glass had to be clamped between them!

i had to look at the other lens i had to figure out the right orientation, though. I think it's back together and working~!

i tried pressing it back in with a microfiber cloth but it didn't seem like it was really seated, nor does it want to be. maybe there's a missing locking ring or something?

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okay on to a different weird salvage project, i have a nice set of lenses for my smartphone but one of them, um, popped out? like it's got a housing (with threads for attaching to the holder and to the other lenses) and it's got the little glass piece. and the glass piece is. out

it's maybe 1/8 with the 2x4s flat; i don't know how much precisely but it seemed like less than without the 2x4s

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3/16 at least with fully spread braces. Now to get some 2x4s

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Okay table measurements. Nothing on it, just leaning on it kinda hard. Original brace positioning, got a 16th of an inch or less deflection

a well used public cafeteria would probably heal all hurt in the world tbh

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the idea of a public cafeteria is so sexy like sosososo sexy, I am obsessed with the thought that there can just be a building where you can go to get lunch with everyone who happens to live in your area, not a restaurant but a cafeteria in the place where you live with cheap food

bottle of multivitamin gummies themed fleshlight

gonna maybe have someone take pictures of me. and then. they pay me money. wtf

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i have an interview next saturday for doing some??? modeling???

i have a friend who's in the top gun maverick fandom and is posting like gay fanfiction for it and i'm like. i know we love fanfiction around here but idk how you can watch the american war machines do anything and feel anything but a burning rage

i would like to not have an anxety disortder

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