new growth on the lemon tree! baby's gonna be okay after all :)

Selfie, eye contact, uh, facial hair? 

Took a few selfies tonight to document what I think is a pretty good scruffy goatee lady look from me because tomorrow I'm shaving for a family event (for the first time in ages) and ten probably before I get facial hair back I'll cut my scalp hair short and the effect will likely be different. Sorry I didn't share my glorious visage with you all more 😘

okay, yeah, i need to lower it a couple inches and also tilt it a little bit but i can delete my noon alarm now!!!

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Hit the screenshot buttons as I went through the toll plaza because I love when the lane change diagram does this

still going and still trying to foil my viewer's dastardly bingo plans

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do you ever have your homestuck alarms go off but it's a false alarm, just a real dude's name

I don't have the filters yet bc fuckery but I am testing out the fit. It's already miles better than the disposables, I can't even get it to fog up my glasses because it's got such a good seal. My only complaint so far is it feels like the pressure is mostly at the top of the seal, with very little at the bottom - maybe that's mitigated with the weight of the filters?

Ec in selfie

Omg you know that antique calculators review guy I was posting about? The download link under one of his videos didn't work and I commented and

The weird thing is that when the emulator app cheekily specified that you're only allowed to use this with roms that you legally own and like... I am actually going to do that! I paid for this rom!

Didn't get any pictures of this bc I was pushing myself through it but I patched a nick in the cable and now I shouldn't need to disassemble my scooter again for the foreseeable future!!! It's back together and I can scoot to the store!

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And here's the second charger. I'm not as pleased with this one just because I didn't remember to double check I had kept the lengths of the two segments equal... Also a lot of the ground wires had been severed really close to the connector and I couldn't incorporate them. Ah well. If it starts making bad sounds or smoking I'll fix it again :ppp

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Here's the first cable. This thing had to have a ton of the cable excised because the plastic had decayed really badly, so it's a fair bit shorter than it was originally. It's still a good length for the spot it lives in my bedroom.

I hope this one serves me well! And it encourages me to know that even if this fails and I run out of exposed wire entirely, I'll still be able to file away the connector and connect straight to the pads.

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