the only ethical way to work for war profiteers is if you're beelining for the detonators for the bombs they build and setting them all off in the factory

"i needed a job and healthcare!" yeah? are you just following orders, too?

this isn't meant to be a comment on the main character of twitter of yesterday but it is meant to be a comment on the people who have come out about how hard it is to work for defense contractors, how much of a strain on their conscience it is, in the ensuing conversation

to my friend who works in biotech on like, genuinely positive medical research, and who is very skittish about this discussion because like, for example, they get darpa grants from time to time, and technically therefore they are part of the military industrial complex: there is a difference between "the entire economy is saturated with blood money" and "literally working for lockheed martin". please get a little bit of perspective, i know that's hard because of anxiety disorders and stuff, raytheon and palantir are truly evil and need to be wiped off the face of the planet

like i don't know how to communicate that yes, i love and support you, and no, i don't think you're doing anything morally reprehensible, and yes, i think you should feel uncomfortable when you get darpa grants even if it's the only game in town, and yes, we should still feel disgusted by the idea of going near the military industrial complex


i genuinely do not believe humans have large enough brains to comprehend all the world at once. i think "working for lockheed martin is extremely bad" is a heuristic that we need if we are to maintain our moral compasses

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WAIT WAIT WAIT I GOT IT "be gay do war crimes"

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