@BestGirlGrace from the conlang critic discord i bring you: :tonky_ponky:

@shoofle USB in from a parallel universe (you can tell because the screws make it possible to insert correctly first time)

@shoofle @derwinmcgeary
Imagine what the image on that USB stick would look like when you slowly push the jack in further, ring by ring.

When you do this with a headphone jack you will hear nothing, then the left channel in your right ear, and then left and right where you'd expect. What would this do to USB?

I'm imagining some deep dream type contortions to the image, every, time, you, push, in, another, ring.

@kingannoy @shoofle @derwinmcgeary
sorry to ruin your dream but most likely you'd get IO errors.

Or more likely, you'd fry the port, because the ground makes contact last.

@shoofle @derwinmcgeary

This is what the Matrix plugs will look like in real life, that fancy 1-pin coax is nothing but movie magic.

@shoofle The old hyperparallelport standard.

Not to be confused with the metaparallel port standard.

@shoofle Ackhshually, the caption is wrong, it's like 9 times as thick

...I'm sorry

@shoofle oh this is one of those HP test harness connectors right

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