holy fucking shit yoshi p don't murder him like this (ffxiv spoilers a little)

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@shoofle LMAO. Alisaie over on tumblr, ranting about redditors and their misconceived ideals, talking about praxis involves DIRECT ACTION

@amorphophalex i'm so excited to get further in the game and actually meet alisaie for more than five minutes

@shoofle oh lol i won't spoil anything then. play the Bahamut Coils if you want to see more of her (though it doesn't expand on her character as much as in stormblood/shadowbringers)

@amorphophalex oh yeah bahamut coils! i unlocked those and then... didn't actually do them for some reason. i should do that. or just keep playing, i just finished heavensward

@shoofle bahamut coils has a lot of lore in it, idk why they didn't make it mandatory the way they did with crystal towers. would definitely recommend joining an unsynced party and just do them all in one go.

@amorphophalex @shoofle it's because Coil has annoying mechanics and long cutscenes that would make it Absolute Fucking Hell to get in a roulette, tbh. imagine queueing for Normal Raids and you get a savage difficulty raid that's also got Praetorium-length cutscenes

coil slaps so hard but it's very much not following the rest of the games drsign spec imo

@amorphophalex @shoofle to be clear i 100% recommend playing coil, just, unsynched so you can murder everything. even then there's some mechanics you still have to respect at level 80.

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