See it's very fun to clown on someone who's bad at programming and overestimates his abilities but I think it's worth remembering that like, actually overestimating your own abilities is a really useful skill to cultivate bc it's vital to learning, you know? We can make fun of him til we're blue in the face but at least he's trying things and learning. All we've got down here is a superiority complex lmao


Like it's very fun to jeer at him but I think him overestimating his ability is massively healthier than all of our depression and self hate spirals lol

Like obviously I shouldn't be blaming us for our depression but I'm just saying, sometimes our rhetoric helps us practice being miserable

All the skills I've acquired I acquired by thinking "I bet I could do that" even when that belief was preposterous and laughable. Finally I realized you need to cultivate a supply of arrogance to draw from

Always remember the warning from, I think Ira Glass? That your creative progress can be stifled when your appraisal skills grow faster than your creative skills. You can see the flaws faster than you can learn not to make them. And that's something very easy to get caught by in the age of constant scrolling our feeds of art and video and content and stuff. We work our appraisal muscles constantly

@shoofle i'll be honest, personally i just hate this kind of dipshit for having more free time and spare energy for personal projects than i do and deciding to spend it on something asinine then apparently not learning much, all without real consequences. like damn, must be nice bud.

i know the backseat cynicism is maladaptive in the long run but it's all i have rn so 🤷‍♀️

@shoofle this is a concept I keep coming back to, to model the world you want to see. It's so fucking hard because cynicism and irony are how I spent my formative years that they're comfortable and easy. But if all we do is be miserable, then guess what! We are miserable!

I wish there was something other than "be the change" to lean on for this, tho.

@bouncinglime idk if this is useful but it's worth remembering that while a lot of us spent our teenage years on the internet steeped in irony, our natural state as children was audacious

@shoofle yes! Exactly! We need to get back to childhood imagination, and also the sense of interconnectedness that kids have.

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