Learned the zoning/activism term "BANANA" yesterday. It joins NIMBY and YIMBY. it stands for "build absolutely nowhere anywhere near anything". For example, when people claim that the solar farm can't be built at the proposed site because it's only five miles away from the old blant's farm? That's a BANANA.

@shoofle today I learned - thank you! This is stupid but also useful to be aware of.

@shoofle This is why property expropriation was invented. Don't want a wind farm near you? Agree or have your property forcefully bought at a discount. Complain about a power transmission line ruining your hotel's landscape? Bye bye hotel.

Private interests should never be above a country's needs.

@shoofle Oh hey, here's a comprehensive list:

Notable examples:

CAVEmen: Citizens Against Virtually Everything

GOOMBA: Get out of my business area

GUMBY: Gaze upon my backyard [Opponents of residential walls and fences]

Terrorforming: Extremely bad urban designing

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