I will never forget that video I saw about talking to cops. It was like an hour and a half split between a lawyer, making the case that you shouldn't talk to cops, and a cop, arguing that you should. The lawyer's argument featured all the standard things - you have the right to a lawyer, the lawyer knows the system better than you, the cops can and will lie to you, they might pin something on you even if you're innocent, etc.. He made some really cogent arguments and stated them well.

But what stuck with me was the cop's argument. It basically boiled down to two points: first, don't worry about it! Second, I shit you not, he made the argument that everyone breaks the law in small ways all the time, so you've done something wrong, and if you get on the cops' bad side they can lock you up if they want.

I saw this when I was a baby liberal in college, and I think that cop's terrible, evil argument singlehandedly radicalized me

cop interaction anecdote 

@shoofle yeah when i was getting arrested the cop listed off a bunch of things i had on me that could be used as reasons for extra charges and when i asked what i was getting charged with, he said "we'll see how cooperative you are", which just meant, regardless of what laws i may or may not have broken, what i get charged with is totally up to how much the cop felt like i deserved. it's fucking arbitrary and subjective. anyone who thinks law is absolute is just naive.

@shoofle big fan of these guys, personally:

But yeah, agreed to all of the above

@shoofle yep, its such a great video, i watch it every now and then just to remind myself


@shoofle Do you know where we can find this video?

We want it if we can have it, because it would be something we can share with people when they say literally Anything about pro-cops


The thing that leaves me with an eternally boiling rage for the cop was when he described how, when they caught inner city kids stealing, they'd tell the kids that writing an apology letter might help so the people knew how sorry they were and then use that letter as a confession.

As if there isn't a problem, enough, of lawyers telling the poor to take plea deals they don't need to, etc. they take the trust of children and shatter it b/c a lamp – which was retrieved! – went missing.

@drwho it's still up on youtube! I'm gonna add it as a reply

@shoofle Huh.
1) The cop is a fucking scumbag.
2) The cop totally made the lawyer's point for him. Basically backed up every word.

@kirby it blows my mind how well the cop made every one of the lawyer's points

@shoofle it's kind of ironic that the one time i actually interacted with a cop i can remember, we actually wound up talking to him and getting him to go away

but we were a bunch of tech-y people near SF and it was very obvious he didn't want to deal with the noise complaint and was trying to get us to say the right words so he could leave, if that makes sense

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