did you know: you can just make up stuff, and when you do that, it's pretty cool! people will be impressed. it doesn't need to be powered by blockchain


if you want to make a blockchain powered thing i recommend designing it, and then just removing the blockchain part. it will still be a cool project i promise you

@shoofle are blockchains in and of themselves actually bad? i thought there were lots of different proof-of-whatevers, some of which might be more sensible and efficient? and that a distributed consensus ledger is an interesting thing that might be able to do things previously thought impossible that could have actual good use cases? tbh, i still find it all fairly confusing, though…

@ze it's my understanding that proof-of-work is the thing that is particularly bad, and most of the blockchain stuff that people are throwing out lately are based in ethereum? which is allegedly transferring to proof of stake but they haven't actually shown to be doing that yet

@ze as far as i know there's very very few applications (if any) where a blockchain is preferable to a normal centralized database.

@cecilia well, how about everywhere you shouldn't trust the motives, reliability, and longevity of the database and its central provider?

@cecilia one thing i've wondered about is, i'd like if mmo type games and similar didn't rely on a company willing to keep the servers running. or even need a commercial outfit developing it whos capable of running such servers... i figure something more like bittorent is probably more applicable, but i'm not sure if some blockchain element would also be required or not...

@cecilia to me, any centralization seems like a single point of too many kinds of failure

@ze blockchain does not actually solve these problems though

@shoofle "does my app need to incorporate the world's least efficient database so it can withstand a nuclear strike? Is the rest of my app even resilient enough for this to matter?"

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