I say unjustly because I was talking about vaccines in general, not the covid vaccine

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this is the funniest fucking thing that's ever happened to me. my friend said i beat twitter, most people never make a post so good that they get to stop playing

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of my banning, my brother said "she died as she lived, gleefully posting incredibly bad content"

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actually unironically like this policy from twitter fwiw, i think i would prefer if they had a paid moderation staff who could do shit like this and sort out jokes but.

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@shoofle yeah the problem with this policy isn't that they ban dangerous misinformation, it's the automation and their godawful ideology about it

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet mostly i just, a bunch of people are like "oh no are you going to be okay???" and i'm like. this is the price i pay for my art. it is a perfectly reasonable price it's fine

@shoofle @RussellsBarbershopQuartet

yes ok I only just now heard about this through the grapevine and this is me rushing over all out of breath to congratulate you

@shoofle well this explains why no one has faved my billiards tweets yet

@shoofle damn that sucks it wasn't even for cyberbullying fascists

Goddess tier shitpost tho

@shoofle vaccine and 5g in one sentence equals twitter lock huh
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