this is absolutely not what i was going for but damn if it isn't kinda cool tbh

sometimes... things where you messed up the order of the modifier stack... are better

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@shoofle That is WILD, and also I bet I watched the same tutorial video (but decided not to try it myself).

@greyduck i made some progress on it but i think i'm stopping for the night... i could finish it but for some reason my brain is just SUPER sluggish today

@shoofle I get that. Some nights all you can do is go "well, it's further along now than it was when I started." And that's okay.

(I need to finish up my "paper snowflake" mesh so I can use it as part of a "holiday popper" effect in a planned winter scene music video. My first attempt was... a solid proof of concept. Hah.)

@shoofle Hey! wasn't someone just talking about unknowable geometry that causes madness to look upon?

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