okay but what if we replace USB-C with TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS

@Dee it's actually an 18 pin connector so it uses a TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS connector.

@shoofle @Dee This should come with programmatic sound effects... LOL!

@shoofle @Dee i guess the r's are according to how long you hear a buzz from your speakers if you touch the connector

@ln @uint8_t @shoofle @Dee reading this just makes me wonder why we don't just use a normal goddamn headphone jack instead of this weird solution

@uint8_t @ln @shoofle @Dee Faster... audio?

And it looks like a lot of devices don't even implement it. wtf

@rjkucia @uint8_t @shoofle @Dee it's the whole "no headphone jack, but here's a dongle" thing

@rjkucia @ln @shoofle @Dee oh no, I meant using TRRS in place of USB-C reversible connector would mean we can't do high speed USB
For analog audio TRRS is absolutely adequate, and removing it from smartphones is Bad.

@uint8_t @ln @shoofle @Dee Oh lol in my world we would have both TRRS and USB-C

@shoofle @Dee my brain played the noise of inserting this when it saw the picture.

@shoofle @Dee No suggestive replies to this post, and I'm not sure whether to be proud of or disappointed in the fetdiverse for this.

@shoofle This picture is a good representation of a category of people that I hate

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