I want everyone to watch this but also I want everyone to wait until they can watch it with me there

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Self analysis? 

Self analysis? 

Dream log, mild lewd 

Dream log, mild lewd 

youtu.be/68FYDnL_VsQ YouTube farmer I follow put out a camera to see the rats eating his stuff, and a fox stole the camera!

Definitely need some queer villain pride flag... I wanna get small flags so I can hang them in the porch

I just want to stream video games and hang out with people

#13: the boys are up to something.

RIP Aron Eisenberg, you did a good job.

@shoofle there are two wolves inside everyone. one of them already knows all their own flaws and doesn't need it mentioned, the other one is constantly learning new things and evolving and I want to fortify your second wolf

I wish I was better at communicating to people when I think they have done wrong. I have and have had friends and partners who I think consistently do things wrong and should examine their choices, but like. I don't know how to tell someone "you are unreasonably snippy about this and you need to chill out bc you are half the source of tension in your relationships"

Punks are like, categorically cuter than normies imo

I wonder if I could get to cat girl goth rave this year

Complicated feelings I don't want to admit 

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