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Thesis: bowls are the superior food vessel
Antithesis: they're terrible for pizza, a good food
Synthesis: Chicago style deep dish

*tossing fediverse words in the blender and pulsing once* this will get me validation

I think I'm not gonna do the potato because it would probably just make him feel like he's tiling up his neighborhood, which he probably wants. I don't want to take action unless it scares him, makes him sad, or makes him think

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seriously considering using anonymous potato to send a potato to my neighbor that just says "your flag is bad"

one time two of my housemates tried to introduce me to the werewolf game (hidden identities, like mafia or among us) and they were both the traitors and i was the regular. im a pretty happy-go-lucky lady but i gotta say it was not a good gameing experience

i dont know much about hyperlink but i know hes that twink dog with the nose ring

me, in library land: Combat Book Fetishism, I Will Throw Your Precious "Books" Into the Furnace

me, in online leftist land: Have You Considered Reading A Book, Any Book, Like One Book On This Topic You Are Talking Like an Expect About Because You Read a Post About It Once, Have You Heard of a Library Card

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i'm not sure what i expected the image search results to be, but i didn't expect this

Gonna hop on stream to make up for the time lost last night.

I'm playing Sonic Battle again!

I genuinely hate seeing independent creator YouTube channels turn into big-budget media team productions because I really don't give a shit about watching TV online. I want to see a slightly rich man with varying states of beard build a simulated mars base in the middle of Arizona. Not someone with 3 sound guys, two cameramen, and 7 editors so they can produce three videos a week and have all of them feel like sad, stale TV.

please visit me at my cave and hand me cool treats through the opening

Because it didn't stick the first time:

Ape at goblin camp is a white dude, rping as a monkey, with black men in his header.

And, even if it was coincidental, his adamance that it is impossible that his header is racist is.... Well.... Racist.

White people, put pressure on him or remove him.

I'm done with this shit.

@flowless2 how many channel points do i need to get you to do an austin powers impression on stream

(man holding up a my little pony plush) so if you've got a prey animal like this, the eyes have to move differently,

listened to a politics part of local radio!! very angry

Got monster hunter stories!!! Excited to play it

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