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Sometimes I wake up because my anxiety decides it's time for a gentle wake up ramp


(i'm referring here to like, obscure plants. i know i can get standard garden and vegetable starters or seeds for cheapo. i'm talking like "i want to grow my own black pepper vine")

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the exchange rate is roughly two plants per AAA videogame

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why would i buy videogames when i could just buy more plants and stare lovingly at them

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i could buy a peppercorn plant. dry my own peppercorns

my brain has shriveled all the way past raisin right down to peppercorn


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Existentially exhausted and feel like crying tonight

(of the final fantasy 7 remake) "sometimes I remember I'm playing a video game, and to be honest, I hate remembering I'm playing a video game."

it's felt really bright today and i've been trying to figure out why even though the sun isn't staying out THAT much later yet and i finally realized. it's because of the lamps i installed for the plants in the room to my left, which is not where i expect light to be coming from at this time of day

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i was daydreaming about what my weird theoretical computer interface would look like and i think it's also got a power bar related to it which is for distributing 5v and 12v power to accessories, running along the back of the desk

@junebug am i allowed to do your cw meta: knight joke or is it trademarked

beginning to accept the truth i've long sought to hide, that i'm... just a horny person by nature

is the "help's" in this post too much? i feel like it's a natural choice but it's also just needlessly clout bulking the post you know

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a kobold is the dog of dragon. hope this help's

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