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So you know how many single board computers have a bunch of gpio ports, pins that you can toggle on and off with software? I wonder if there are any, like. Usb peripherals that let me do that on arbitrary computers

Cygnus plan 

It's possible what I want is one raid setup for backups, and one hotpluggable drive for transport. But I like the feel of all the drives being like, the same model

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Cygnus plan 

So what I want is several hard drives connected to Cygnus. At least one should be hot pluggable. I want data mirrored across them as a general backup function. When I add data through the network share, it should be copied across them.

I think the most key functionality I want is, I want to be able to take the hot pluggable one out, and potentially add more files to it. When I plug it back in, I want it to add all new files to the collection.

I'm not sure how I want to deal with deletion. I can imagine wanting to strip down the hotplug drive if I need to carry some other data with me or something, but honestly that's a weird functionality, I'm not sure of I should plan for that. Maybe it should just mirror all changes from the hotplug drive?

Maybe it should only be able to delete files through the network share.

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I should map out the behaviors I want it to have. I think what I want should be in the purview of rsync, although I've never used it

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it's now been christened! its name is CYGNUS. it lets me very slowly access my external drives over the network share! more features coming soon...

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i do adore that when it starts up, the crt has an A/V IN overlay that pops up. maximal aesthetic

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okay one more task before i go to bed, i'm gonna go try and change the hostname

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i still didn't get the raspi to show up in the network thing with an icon and such. but i feel good abut what i did acocmplish

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Access!!! to my media drive!!! over the network!!!! fuk yyeah!!!

so, definitions: mdns, or multicast dns, is the term for the way various computers on a network will all just shout domain names to each other. this is bonjour on macs, avahi on linux, and mdns_fuckers.exe on windows or whatever.

when i do smb://raspberrypi, that's using the mdns data. but it's also convention to assign things the domain hostname.local when they've been communicated over mdns.

so it worked when i do `smb://raspberrypi` because the map network drive dialog was trying to be smart. whereas the conventional domain that was actually communicated by my raspi for use on the local network was raspberrypi.local

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oh it seems like it's accessible at raspberrypi.local lmao nice!!!

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okay so this raspi is announcing itself over bonjour/avahi... how does that compare to like. the standard dns? like this works for typing in smb://raspberrypi to the "add networked folder" dialog but i can't do just `ssh raspberrypi` in the terminal. what's up with that

ok i guess the next step is to go downstairs and work on the share some more

does anyone know what magic i should do on a samba sharing linux box to get it to show up in this windows explorer view?

oh no now i have to actually THINK of a new name for this thing

it's my little cyperbunk-ass-lookin' old timey crt that i have bolted a raspberry pi on the side of. it has externally routed but coiled cables, a usb hub on the side, it's like a seven or ten inch crt, that's its mood

functionally it's going to be a nas slash backup machine, like ideally it'll have several drives stuck in it and i can take one out, download stuff onto it, plug it back in and it'll bring the new stuff to the old ones. and like i'll be able to go and grab one of the drives if i'm traveling and want my library with me. that's its mood

and my naming schema for computers is constellations. vulpecula, taurus, gemini, etc

any ideas?

what's a good constellation that connotes like... small, portable, maybe a collection of things... is this computer pleiades? i feel bad doing that because i remember another computer named pleiades and it would feel wrong to name mine pleiades

i think it's because that's the hostname but where does the hostname live on a linux machine

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so i can connect to this by browsing to smb://raspberrypi

... why is that

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