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@bees julles i'll be real with you im not gonna erp killing joe biden with my thighs tonight. not at this juncture of my life

Reading imperial radch makes me want fancy stuff

@videogame_hacker why do they call it bézier when you béz in the cold bezos béz out hot eat the bezos

Horseshoe theory is where the target audience of fishing shirt funny and I both laugh at it

Story about someone who defrauds the government getting defeated by vigilantes and shown the error of his ways. In the end he turns into a vegeta-esque good guy but he doesn't want to admit it.

Sex life 

I don't think I know how to signal sexual interest right now. Or like. I have someone here who I would like to have sex with, and that's something that's been on the table between us, and I don't know how to signal "let's fool around" in a way that... Works? For me or for them.

(I would never recommend voluntarily being around a smart speaker home assistant, but the game is actually more fun with them)

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Extremely highly recommend this game if you ever have people sitting around and a phone which can pretend to be a smart speaker.

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Just spent a fucking half hour trying to convince a smart speaker to say the word rectum. It was so fucking hard. We eventually got it by asking what a proctologist is.

Anyway I was a smidge skeptical when people say that the wachowskis invented a cinematographic language for this movie. But then I watched it, and like... Yeah! There were all these elements I've never seen used in live action movie storytelling before!

I guess it would be more accurate to say they adapted the cinematographic language of anime into live action. Actually now that I think of it the closest feel I've seen is in live action anime movies in general. Interesting.

I suspect the blame for this misattribution of artistic origin lies more with the public than with the wachowskis themselves. It's not like they claimed they were making an original thing when they made speed racer the movie :p

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Speed racer 2008 

There's also simple things like:

the overwhelmingly bright color palette, noticeable from practically the first shot in the movie, especially in the mostly cgi backgrounds.

A willingness to play extremely fast and loose with the arrangements of physical spaces, like with the angles the cars drive at and helicopters hover at

A willingness to embrace nonliteral elements like speed racing the ghost of rex's performance on the track, or the incredible kaleidoscopic finish line sequence in the grand prix surmounted by the track dissolving like sand under the mach 6's wheels, I've got goosebumps remembering that

The use of the race commenters (like ten of them in different languages) as a Greek chorus??? Fucking perfect??? Bring back the chorus imo

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Speed racer 2008 

I feel like there weren't THAT many weird elements in speed racer, but they were used EXTENSIVELY.

The most obvious technique is where a character's talking head pans repeatedly across the screen, wiping the backdrop between a montage of different shots providing context for the conversation or monologue. It works really well with how loud the visual style is.

There's also the technique where they do a pseudo dolly zoom where the camera slightly zooms in on the foreground, while the background recedes a bit; it differs from the dolly zoom in that the camera parameters don't shift (because the camera doesn't actually move) so it creates a subtle effect of disconnection.

Then there's the speed lines background effect which I've never seen outside actual animation; here it's the most credulity-straining (cringe-inducing) element I noticed but I think works especially because it's usually played for comedy

Got an idea for a 3d modeling I'd like to do

It's a new game too, there's no "well all my friends are playing it". If your friends are playing it tell them to stop

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If anyone heard about Amazon new world game and wanted to play it from the description I am seriously judging you like. Isn't it just colonialism the game

Sex or kink talk, not horny 

Like I feel like a lot of my submissiveness is rooted in a fear of hurting someone, or, to put it differently, a desire for less responsibility. A lot of identity loss stuff resonates to me as "I would like to not be me" like it has a self hatred part. It's a way to say "I don't want to exist" without setting off the "I am obligated to seek help" alarms in our heads. Idk if this is accurate, it's certainly not the whole situation, but it's been going in my head lately. how often we turn a desire not to exist into other things

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Thinking as I do about how often fetishes are a way to sexualize and sublimate other desires we have but cannot directly grapple with

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