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everyone in tv shows goes straight from staring lustfully to furiously making out and stripping each other naked which is just so ridiculous like. that's not how anything works

i mean maybe for some people??? but i'm pretty sure i haven't met anyone with that kind of an acceleration curve

still can't believe i did this. it wasn't even that bad, once i remembered which one was my dps loadout and how to play it safe! you just REALLY gotta avoid those splodeys O_O

also i need to chill out on monster hunting so i think i'm going to try and not munt unless i'm doing it with friends. that said, anyone who wants to hit me up about it tomorrow :eyes:

holy crap i beat my first tempered monsters in

it took like five tries but i DID it

youtube walkout, frusturation & criticism 

i did some heckin dishes! now monster hunter?

sex related 

opinions on software engineering practices, lewd at reader 

yo tbh?

some of y'all fediverse developers need to go apply for bluesky and aim to co-opt this thing

I want to cuddle the cat upstairs but the dog whined and I felt bad

Apocalyptic ideation 

I don't think the fediverse should reject Twitter trying to become a client bc of embrace extend extinguish (although we should harden ourselves against that), but I do think we should reject Twitter for insufficient moderation

mild lewd, not explicit, demon girls processing 

ok i should stop watching and go to bed. but i am as usual scared of the silence

when they're cute but they're a class traitor >:/

to be clear: it is Not a good show <_< but i need schlock in my life

i'm watching wynonna earp and it's filling the supernatural niche (extremely precisely) of "gritty and schlocky americana serial where they fight demons" and honestly i'm having fun having it on in the background. it's like supernatural but the main team is mostly ladies and it's not ten million seasons overdue for a cancellation

girl is a recursive backcronym for "GIRL in real life"

ok i think i might have passed the deepest parts of my pseudo panic state fugue

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