join the don't movement
- never
- nope
- not even then


already feeling like i don't have anything cool to do tomorrow :I

i would be sitting around my fire pit right now but it's about to storm so i think i'll just chill inside

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gonna try and buy a... service manual? for a motorcycle? are there good websites for shopping for this?

(in actual fact i have come back around to believing that fahrenheit is superior to celsius because it's a more humanistic range. for science i obviously think we should keep using celsius/kelvin bc its easier for computations. our calculations should be unit-aware tho in general! i am also somewhat embarrassed that i have reversed course on fahrenheit tho)

anyway i like the metric system because i hate america

one of the most curious things about metric to me is that americans (me, at least) tend to think of the centimeter as the most commonly used unit for small things in the us but based on crafting youtube it seems like europe tends to use the millimeter a lot actually? like they describe things as being 350mm instead of 35cm which is interesting to me just bc it is different from my experience

i want a working motorcycle now but it is not here now and :I

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apparently the bugs were horny because they didn't stop biting my nipple and now i have an incredibly itchy nipple and i hate it. it's the worst sensation in the world

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