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one of the horrible maladies of my brain is that when i see the eyes emoji a coin is flipped as to whether i will auto-complete "awoogah, awoogah! eyes pop out of skull, jaw drops down to floor and tongue rolls out"

I'm no longer doing gurps on Thursdays!

I left because I felt very prematurely exhausted by it each day, and they were stepping away from the campaign so it was like, a natural end point and stuff, but I feel bad because it was a social thing and it was pretty fun sometimes.

But ultimately on balance I felt like I was doing it slightly too much out of obligation you know? And I just felt so tired all the time

Anyway I don't get to play as Rhea anymore so. Maybe I'll pop back in when they return to the setting

moss keeps laughing at me because i would rather get smoots and pets than an orange. they say the orange is better than the loving caress of a wife

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earlier this morning, and moss keeps reminding me of this because i was asleep for it, but moss put their hands into the bed and i thought they were just saying hi and holding hands and stuff so i grasped their hands and i leaned forward to give them a little smooch and discovered that i was smooching an orange slice, which they just kind of, pressed into my mouth

apparently i had the most mortified, betrayed, confused expression on my face as i ate it

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Sexual tension is really just the best sensation, and it's even better when it's kept in limbo by "I don't want this to end" rather than "I'm not certain how much it's reciprocated"

I walked up to my wife and started talking to them and they immediately started wordlessly braiding my pigtails together under my chin. Please someone explain

Gardening and food 

This gardening book I'm reading says that you should focus on growing high calorie-per-effort crops like potatoes and onions because those get you closer to not needing to buy stuff from the store. But I think I'd rather focus on crops that are too expensive to get all the time. There's no way I'll be more efficient at growing potatoes and onions than the bulk bags I can get at the grocery. I'd rather grow tomatoes and greens which are a pain to get from the store.

I put my hair in what I can only describe as pigtails today, and it's very cute, but also it puts a weird "I am a 14 year old girl with strong opinions about books and dragons" aura over my head. Lightly disconcerting. Very comfy though

Does anyone have a brand of underwear they like? I'm looking for comfort and longevity mostly.


I finally made another batch of pickled onions! I love them but I never want to MAKE them

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Oh shit credits rolled in monster hunter rise lol

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