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my political platform is "death to programmer colors"

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one of these days i'm oing to try to come up with some color patterns that are more appealing than "cycle through RGB at max brightness" because everyone designing glowy things should hire a graphic designer stat and if they won't then i'll do it myself

complaining about men 

i can't ever decidce whether i love or hate ivan miranda's apparent philosophy. on the one hand he makes these terrible incredibly wasteful designs, 3d prints everything even though it doesn't make sense, etc... like he has one set of tools and he just uses it for everything.

but on the other hand he seems very creatively productive and i can't help but draw a line between that and his tendency to just charge ahead with the tools he has, and not spend any time shooting down his own ideas? idk. it's weird. if i were him i would do a lot fewer projects because i would spend a lot of time saying "well this is a bad fit for 3d printing". and it's both good and bad that he doesn't do that?

ahhhh i have new batteries for my calipers, AND i have a somewhat functional tablesaw sled, AND i have animal crossing, AND i have a printer and printer paper!!!

Crawls around on the ground very slowly and tiredly

working on another tablesaw sled! this time made of hdpe :)

Don't read if you live with me 

The two tools I most immediately desire are a (compound?) miter saw and a drill press. I do feel like a miter saw would make a ton of things easier :(

The biggest problems with my daily routine are that I spend too much time watching the dogs, I don't have enough me time (I would like enough time that I can get serious progress done on my projects), and I have a full twelve hours allocated for sleeping. That's... A lot of sleep time. I would like if I could shave a few hours off it reliably! But the final part of the sleep time is, like, sacrificing my awakeness to calm the dogs (they get lonely) so it's hard to push myself to be awake :/

I just played with Kingston for like 40 minutes, mostly throwing his rope toy for him to fetch. He's pretty good at it now! The biggest problems are that he gets distracted, there's only so many places to throw it from this seat in the living room, and Luffy is outraged that he doesn't get treats while Kingston does. But I raan through some other tricks with each of them and I think they are both satisfied.

Now I guess it's time to feed them some lunch! And then take Kingston out to pee.

Daily routine 

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Daily routine 

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Daily routine 

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