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every night jesus christ materialises in the fuzzy darkness of my kitchen and tells me in a voice of snakes to pass over to the world of dreams

tfw people mock me for liking jar jar binks.

mfw people start demanding i recognize the earth as a globe. it's like no, glober filth, your science won't brainwash me.

My favorite part of being a furry is assigning fursonas to people who arent like i have authority over the matter

i've been speaking english for such a large chunk of my life now, but i feel like i might have stopped trying when i was like 7

do not summon eldritch abominations was one rule I never obeyed, and thus suffered the repercussions. :blobfacepalm:

Hillary Rodham Clinton fanfiction summary (SFW) 

Hillary Rodham Clinton fanfiction summary (SFW) 

lewd af 

Hunter Biden was caught doing Crack Cocaine in a strip club. Under the Crack-Powder Coke disparity HIS FATHER crafted to target Black folks he’d have gotten minimum 5 years in prison. Instead he got to be the face of “Addiction as a Health Crisis” and everyone else got terrorist level sentencing.

Asking for Financial Aid :boost_ok:​ 

i love suggesting desktop environments to Linux users while I use the chad Windows, heh.

Shit, for some reason the apartment is charging us a $125 late fee so we can’t pay through the portal. Ugh. It’s just hit after hit lately. Anything helps. 😪

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