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@shel one of my fav & first mastodon bandcamp finds was Night of Mourning by @papichulo – a queer afrolatinx NB trans man w/a rich, amazing voice & beautiful, pure love-song lyricism Smoulder is a Canadian heavy metal band who flew to Greece for a tour, like, as things got really awful and immediately had to fly back to Canada. If you like classic heavy metal and sword-and-sorcery subjects, I highly recommend their music. They're an up-and-coming band without the backing of a major label so cancelling an entire tour hit them really hard.

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My new Chapbook for @hologramvin's February Poetry Jam 2020 is PUBLISHED! WOO!It's a 40-page book of mostly haiku about trains and trolleys and lotsa stuff but mostly about family, memory, and moving on.I will be recording an audiobook version to be released as a patreon-exclusive very soon.

My new Chapbook for's February Poetry Jam 2020 is PUBLISHED! WOO!

It's a 40-page book of mostly haiku about trains and trolleys and lotsa stuff but mostly about family, memory, and moving on

My poetry jam chapbook is alllmossst done just needs some finishing touches then I'll release it for free and post an audio recording to Patreon. Regular Patreon content will resume later this month probably gonna queue it up during spring break from grad school.

curious about the details of the cult I was in? and what exactly the poems in Jovian Flesh & Fauna trying to describe, I tell the gritty real stories without the metaphors in the author commentary being published on Patreon. What IS a Sleen? It's on

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I just recently on Patreon posted a poem about a bunch of queers doing a nude ritual in a lake under the New Moon, and a poem about class disparity fucking with our relationships. On the 15th I'll be posting a poem about your co-worker being replaced by an anthropomorphic insect

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I just wrote a poem about recovery from unhealthy behaviors using a Sonic the Hedgehog metaphor and a poem about the embodiment of Hedonism trying to seduce you and fuck you instead of thinking about the state of the world.

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(just got told my car needs brake service and it'll cost nearly a month of rent, and my job didn't give me any hours for a few weeks because we were closed, so yeah time to shill for my fuckin Patreon MaPa needs that gig economy money)

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The only way to get hard copies of my chapbooks right now is through pledging to my Patreon. You get the chapbook mailed to you and access to nearly a whole chapbook's worth of exclusive content on Patreon; including poems about alienation from (E)stranged Earth, my next chapbook

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you like my poetry? you can read a ton of it on Patreon at for as little as $5/month. All poems are recorded too. There's 2 new exclusive poems a month + new recorded of a poem with author commentary from Jovian Flesh & Fauna. $10 gets you a chapbook!

Snake Post Office

I got published in a zine called "Snake Post Office" about snakes that took over a post office. My story is called "Hospitality"

Read it here

I've published the audiobook of my chapbook Alef el-Tav! You can download it for free at

If you're a patron, it will appear on your patron-exclusive Podcast feed!

I have a poem in the new issue of @paintbucketpage "Top Ten"! "Someday" is a poem about cooking and eating your landlord.

New poem on Patreon:

This poem is about imagining a world in the far off future when all the plastic has decomposed and we have to teach children how tf that happened.

We hit another milestone on Patreon!! Holy shit!! That means even more perks for patrons!! Once I get over this chest cold I'll start recording an audiobook of Jovian Flesh & Fauna and one recorded poem from that a month will be posted to Patreon! That's 2 new poems + a new recorded poem every month!! What a great time to become a patron at

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