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What's #YourFavorite #Fuckcore #Song??? We want to know #YOUR FAVORITE fuckcore song you remember!! What songs are #Iconic?! I showed you my #EP #PleaseRespond

The concept of conflicting access needs is a thing. IDK. That seems like what's lacking in today's discourse.

Sometimes a hard of hearing person needs things to be to louder

And a sensory-disorder person needs things to be quieter

It's not "which volume is the ableist one" it's that these access needs conflict... So what are you gonna do about it?

Do apply to anything

this isn't the only person i know of who left mastodon because the experience of using it was just so... intensely active... due to the CWs

Very good twitter thread proposing fixes to mastodon's CW system to make using mastodon better

Does anyone know if there's a way to have two patreons tied to the same account without that being visible to the public?

I also have a poll on some alternative tier structures in case you maybe would prefer early poems to exclusive poems??? Another idea I had was to do audio recordings of poems... still figuring this thing out but please vote in this poll!!

I added reward tiers to my patreon!! Right now you can get exclusive poems that won't be in future chapbooks, and also physical copies of my chapbooks!!

Over 30 people came out to our Mastodon meetup! Here's like 2/3 of them.

Hell yeah we did it we're famous now @shel @masklayer #BLFC19

Apparently this link doesn't work when you click it from social media or in Chrome.... But if you just type l i t e s t u d y . o r g into your address bar and hit enter it seems to work in Firefox and safari..... It's a pretty buggy site tbqh

if you're a trans woman or trans feminine non-binary person there's a long-term study recruiting right now on trans feminine health and it compensates $250 spread out in 6 month intervals of $50. Https://

30,000+ stop and shop workers are currently on strike across New England! Workers aren't getting paid while on strike, so in order to persevere and survive until management gives in, they need money!

Please donate to our local strike fund and spread it around!

I know there's a lot of Boston furries on Snouts so I wanna plug this Boston DSA Facebook event for coordinating supporting the 30,000+ Stop and Shop workers currently on Strike. Showing up in red, waving signs, and keeping that picket line strong is super important solidarity work and a major part of being a socialist

Also: in case you haven't heard, 30,000+ Stop and Shop workers across all of New England are on strike!! Don't cross the picket line, boycott Stop&Shop!!

If you have a car another thing you can do to support stop & shop workers is coordinate carpooling to other grocery stores, like Market Basket or Shaws (which is unionized), for people who don't have other affordable options in walking distance. That way they don't have to cross the picket line!

If you're in Western MA and need help, hit me up! I'll take you to Aldi!

Stop and Shop has been refusing to agree to a fair contract through months of negotiations and the workers had no choice but to strike. When we stick together and fight together, we win! Solidarity with other workers means showing up to the picket line, fundraising for the strike fund, and helping them win their contract! Solidarity means when you fight for and support other workers, we fight for and support you in return. Everyone in New England should be looking for ways to support this strike

Furries and Fediverse users talk big about being commies. If you're in New England, it's time to put your paws where your snout is and get out there to support other workers. Join the picket line! Support the stop and shop strike! Boycott Stop & Shop until management agrees to a new contract! #Furs4Labor

If you're in New England, here's what you can do:
• Go to your local stop and shop and join the picket line!!! Wear red!!
• Boycott Stop and Shop
• Organize rideshares to help people (especially strangers and non-furries) get to affordable grocery stores that aren't stop and shop
• Follow for updates on the strike

#1u #Furs4Labor #StopDontShop #DontCrossPicketLines #ThisIsWhatSolidarityLooksLike

I launched a Patreon today! Https://

I still don't need the money right now, but with upcoming surgery, job change, movie, and completing grad school (and having to pay that debt), I figured I might need the money in the future, and launching now means I'll be able to have reward tiers.

So if you wanna support my poetry, or thank me for that work I did on/for Mastodon a couple years back, here's an option!

Unfortunately I'm on medical leave from political organizing right now due to my disability acting up but I plan to get this thing under control ASAP and get right back into the fray working to build independent working class power and organized infrastructure that will be ready to ensure we will survive the world to come and can hopefully seize power and mitigate the worst of it

This is an incredible polemic that calls for us to take the reality of our situation seriously and not look away or hide in escapist activities or utopian lifestylism where we are content with having and discussing the right ideas without the hard work that's necessary right now. It combats helplessness and provides avenues to action. Definitely give it a listen and take it to heart. We have to look at the hard stuff


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