Tentative title of a long prose poem I just wrote for my forthcoming chapbook. It's about a speedrunner who works writing stock trading algorithms. It's also about ritually summoning Mario with blood.

Anyway fund my chapbook at patreon.com/shelraphen

New Patreon post about my process for deciding how to cut and bind my print chapbooks


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My nails at work today serving as a happy reminder of good ANE memories, a colorful light in the professional drab

@hi_cial took a photo of me taking this selfie and said it could be a painting

Lol put these over the trash can in the game room and someone IMMEDIATELY tore it down and threw it in the trash

Apparently back in 2017 when I was at the Boston counter-protest some dude I was talking to about why we were shouting "SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!" at literal nazis was A JOURNALIST FOR THE "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR" and i just discovered the article

check out this CHOICE FUCKING QUOTE from me

Another concept, this one for a poster to put up around the con in places where people eat

Thoughts? @masklayer

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