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Dog On Main

working on a presentation on social democracy for my local DSA...

when no email-only option is given it's like... who do i wanna have watching my every move take yr pick google twitter facebook or microsoft

nintendo censoring the canadian maple leaf in this treehouse stream. forbidden leaf

Holy shit this sushi place has Naruto characters on the walls

This is my favorite band's first two albums

me watching a sci-fi movie: wow how could scientists in this world be so stupid

scientists in our world:

I can't even fit a bandcamp link...

Zooming out all small doesn't change how much displays...

My pronouns don't fit.... :/

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Ah!! Like I suspected. So this is the official youtube channel for TV Martí, TV Martí is a U.S. funded television station which airs pro-american propaganda in Cuba. It's literally owned by an agency of the U.S. government and is far closer to state television than PBS

but Youtube hasn't given any notification at all that it is funded by the U.S., like it did with TeleSUR (the Venezuelan and Cuban respond to TV Martí)

This is an interesting new thing Youtube is doing!! As a librarian I really like the idea of making it clear how the funding of your news source might affect its biases. However, the framing of this message seems itself biased. RT and TeleSUR are "funded by governments"; but the BBC and PBS are "publicly funded." 🤔 one of these sounds scarier than the other no? Presumably all four of these are tax-funded


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