"Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019" is a 16-page chapbooks containing 18-or-so poems about squirrels, librarianship, frogs, King Solomon, and finding hope in time.

It's free/pay-what-you-want on

Happy here is a poem from my nearly-finished the chapbook: "Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019"

I only have one page left before it's done I've just been stuck trying to figure out how it should end. This is the penultimate poem.

My new Chapbook for's February Poetry Jam 2020 is PUBLISHED! WOO!

It's a 40-page book of mostly haiku about trains and trolleys and lotsa stuff but mostly about family, memory, and moving on

Come hear me read poetry LIVE!!! I've been added last minute to the set list of the PHILADELPHIA PROLETARIAN POETRY PARTY. This Wednesday, October 2nd, 7pm, at the Wooden Shoe 705 South St. Philadelphia

The other poets reading are all incredible!! If you're in the area come on by!!!

Shabbat shalom! Have a poem. I was reminded tonight how nice it is to share poetry outside of patreon. That said ofc for more poetry check out

Tentative title of a long prose poem I just wrote for my forthcoming chapbook. It's about a speedrunner who works writing stock trading algorithms. It's also about ritually summoning Mario with blood.

Anyway fund my chapbook at

New Patreon post about my process for deciding how to cut and bind my print chapbooks

fascism, zionism 

it's wild to me how people call anti-zionists anti-semitic when Revisionist Zionists (the ideology of the ruling Likud party) are literally fascists or at-best people who merely "threaten" to expel from their party, but not actually expel, fascists who praise hitler

(fulltext: )

My nails at work today serving as a happy reminder of good ANE memories, a colorful light in the professional drab

@hi_cial took a photo of me taking this selfie and said it could be a painting

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Lol put these over the trash can in the game room and someone IMMEDIATELY tore it down and threw it in the trash

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