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So-Shel-ist @shel

March the 14th be with you

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@shel you make spit out my diet Dr pepper

@srol oh nooo your joke was so funny it made me spit out my Diet Dr. Pepper™ Cherry-Arugula Twist™ Jr. Slider Quesarito™ The Creamiest Soft Beverage with 621 Secret Herbs and Spices™

@shel @srol do they have some kind of, e web site, where i can view more about these 621 things

@chr @srol Yes! As part of our promotional viral campaign we have purchase the domain to learn more about the Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry-Arugula Twist Jr. Slider Quesaritos Lifestyle!! How much do *you* love *your* 8oz or 16oz can or bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry-Arugula Twist Jr. Slider Quesarito? Prove it at

@shel @srol wow this is some deep ARG shit right here. gotta find all the pepper lore