OK here's my goofy buzzfeed-style mastodon instance quiz I made for fun. it only has 5 possible outcomes pff

If I had a lot of time I'd make a more comprehensive one that isn't just a joke but I do noooot

To be clear the five instances you can get are,,,, and and its just cuz I had ideas for how a buzzfeed quiz could represent those

@shel i feel like a celebrity taking one of those "what celebrity are you" quizzes and coming up with themself

@shel It's desperately missing wolves, but I like it anyways! I got 😄

@noiob I wanted to stick to instances people can join

@shel @noiob this makes me think i should open registrations 😅

@noiob @shel thank you for including us shel, it's really sweet actually???

@shel i feel called out

had to repost from the instance i belong on

@shel . . . well I like the aesthetic, that's for sure.

@shel like, so people could add more questions and more instances

@martensitingale it's a joke quiz though. There's only 2 joinable instances on it

Also idk how to make a BuzzFeed quiz into a wiki

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