Me, an insufferable librarian: please source your memes or at least state that you aren’t the creator of something you’re reposting uwu~✨

@shel hi i'd like to make a check-out from the meme library

@modernmodron Great what would you like to check out? Can I help you find anything?

@shel ... actually if you had a kind, uplifting meme that would be great :)

(I was going to make "I dont remember the title, but the cover was blue" joke but then I felt like being sincere )

Memes are the external memories of our society and play a part in our social epistemology even if they seem silly or trite and reposts make it hard to figure out what people and communities originated stuff in what context which makes it hard to apply foucauldian analysis to cultural ideas and objects uwu✨

Grad school is eating my brain✨✨✨

@shel well MY personally created memes are CC0 so I wouldn't expect people to credit me
so there

(actually under French law I believe you can't really do that for some reason)

@luluberlu pfff it’s not about copyright it’s about being able to say that it came from a French cat on Mastodon rather than 4channers taking credit for being the only funny people online or something

Not because you care but because it gives context to historical anthropologists

But like you don’t have to it just makes our lives easier later :V

@shel fair enough ^^
I just like complaining and being needlessly contrarian (as I am also required to under French law)

@Zulgrib so you just say (source unknown)

The point primarily is so that we know you didn’t make the image you’re reposting

@shel knowyourmeme links are acceptable, but only if included with the proper APA formatting

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