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concept: replying to posts where people offhandedly reference using FLOSS software with suggestions to use Windows ME instead

"So in libreoffice i-"
"ummm have you considered switching to Microsoft Office Home Edition 2003?"

🐾✨Shel✨🐾 @shel

"why are you using Gimp when you could be using KidPix"

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@shel "why are you using linux? why not windows 3.1?"

@shel that would imply using a modern OS that's seen a release within the last two years

@nightpool @shel what you refer to as Windows ME is, in fact, DOS/Windows ME

@shel @nightpool ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT?


@shel "yeah I guess you could use gcc but have you tried QBasic?"

@polychrome @shel excuse me I cant help but see you are using thunderbird, have you tried Microsoft Outlook as shipped with Windows 95?