Holy shit!! Already you've all surpassed the $1200 goal!! given that anonymous benefactor has been matching these gifts that means $2400 has been raised for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center! Keep in mind that we only had $5000 left before we met our campaign goal!!

I'm raising the goal AGAIN to $2000! Maybe this will let me look away for longer before I gotta increase the goal again! Haha

You're incredible!! Thank you so much for showing up for our work!


The Pioneer Valley Workers Center is almost already at our end-of-year goal of $20k! This morning we were $5k away from that goal & in less than a day PRIMARILY thanks to the efforts of all of you on Mastodon we are only $650 away from hitting $20k for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center!!!

Most of these gifts are anonymous or under names I don't recognize as connecting to screen names so I can't thank you all individually like I want to but <3 <3 <3 :heart_pride: you're all amazing



The emphasize how incredible this is, when I signed up to fundraise I was told I should set my goal to "maybe about $100-150" and it's only been about an hour and a half and we've raised $1,425!!! When I set my goal to $250 I was thinking I'd just be raising back the money spent on bailing me out of jail. You've surpassed my expectations!

This is gonna be such a huge help in fucking up ICE and exploitative capitalists!! Talk about solidarity! Let's keep going!

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@shel :D :D :D i'm so glad the fundraiser is going well!!

@shel You're doing amazing work and I only wish I had more to give.

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