As many of you know for the past year I've been an active activist working with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to combat ICE actions and worker abuse in Western Massachusetts. This is the organization I got arrested with blocking the ICE office expansion!

It's our end-of-year fundraising campaign to raise our general operating funds. If you've ever wanted to support me then please support the PVWC! Donate at the link below!

I know a lot of you work in tech and I don't care if you live in MA you should donate! We only need $5000 to reach our goal though exceeding it would be fantastic! We aren't a major metro area so we don't get as much national support as the big cities but we have a very large immigrant population that ICE has been targeting extra because so many of our municipalities (due in part due the PVWC) have declared sanctuary city status

So please support the Pioneer Valley Workers Center!!

If you need more motivation, we have anonymous donors matching the next $8000 worth of gifts!! So if you give $100 we'll get another $100 from our anonymous benefactor!

I'm 91% of the way to my goal of raising $2000 for the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, an organization that fights capitalism, fights for workers, & fights for undocumented families in Western Massachusetts; the most impoverished region in MA. We do everything from hassling state legislatures for anti-wage theft laws, a 24/7 support hotline for undocumented people facing deportation, vigils and rallies, to bail & barricading construction on the local ICE office.

Please donate here:

I should add that the vast majority of the 91% that's been raised has been thanks in part to all of you on Mastodon! You've all been turning out for our weird little mix of metro and mountainfarms and it really means a lot to me. I know that we can hit 100%!

@bea Zipcode is to verify location of your credit card. It's the same thing as your postal code. So like, K8N 5W6 and that kinda thing. I'm hoping the donation thing supports canadian credit cards but there's a chance it just doesn't. I'd try your canadian postal code and if that doesn't work try leaving the field blank?

@shel i tried whole postal code in the first box and it split up over the two boxes and both times it told me to use a different card... the field has a * so i assume it's required...

@bea OK yeah looks like our fundraising platform just doesn't support foreign currencies. I'm going to contact our development person and ask what should be done

@bea I appreciate the effort and I contacted Adrienne asking how Canadians can donate and when she gets back to me I'll let you know

@shel gonna donate regardless but is it tax deductible

@vahnj Yes. We are somehow considered a 501(c)(3) despite how political we are

@er1n Unfortunately not. I could send you an address to mail a check to if you prefer that over using credit card online

@shel ughhhhhh that's _definitely_ a no-go, considering that i don't _have_ any ._.
not super hyped abt putting my idents into that site

@er1n @shel your bank may have a way to send a check on your behalf from an online form

@er1n you can background check the software it's using if you want?

@shel Not every day I see someone from the valley. Grew up in Heath, myself.

@shel !! Do yall have a worcester branch? Id like to get involved/donate but im more central mass

@hi_cial we’re an independent organization so we don’t have affiliates. A quick googling found this:

@hi_cial i know there’s tons of anarchists in Worcester like in Collective-a-go-go so it’s worth asking around those circles if they know of any orgs

@moritzheiber thank you thank you!!! you're the donor who got us to hit 100%!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

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