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So-Shel-ist @shel

pfff did we all miss the most important apple announcement

they're renaming "apple stores" to....

"town squares"


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@shel this honestly just makes me want to burn

@IrisKalmia they want the apple stores to be ""community centers"" that also sell $999.99 phones and $6000 computers.

"imagine movie night at the apple town square" hahaha no that's literally never going to happen

idek where that would make sense the only apple store I've ever been to was a little thing in a mall like that's not gonna be a town square.

@shel Mmmhmm, and just, the implications are gross

@shel Yeah, even the hardcore Apple fans are rolling their eyes at that one.

@shel tbqh if they're gonna do that, i vote we treat them as fully public places: go there and busk, play frisbee, hold rallies, set up food carts — if they want to claim the mantle of a foundational public space critical to town/city living, they'd better be prepared to fucking live up to it

i'm, uh, pretty angry about this, huh

@glitternoodle I'm so down to play some Ultimate inside the"Apple Town Square"

Oops did the frisbee hit your $5k computer?? Maybe the town square isn't a good place to keep that!

No wait I'm gonna go inside the "apple town square" and start loudly selling newspapers and hot pretzels

@shel anywhere i can't stand on a milk crate and loudly espouse my political/religious ideology isn't much of a town square imo

@glitternoodle *walks into apple town square with a sandwich board screaming about how the Apple I was sold for $666 and the iPhone X is $999 and 999 upside down is 666*

@shel don't forget that the Apple was the Fruit that the Snake made Eve eat!! the symbology is incontrovertible

@glitternoodle @shel this is precisely what the town squares are for in PC games like World of Warcraft, of course