Happy here is a poem from my nearly-finished the chapbook: "Poems that are not about coronavirus disease 2019"

I only have one page left before it's done I've just been stuck trying to figure out how it should end. This is the penultimate poem.

@dandelion @shel thank you heather haha. I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm just sooooo stuck on the last page cuz... How do you end the chapbook when the pandemic isn't over yet... It's meant to be read during the pandemic... So there can't be closure... But what everyone needs is closure, an end.

But I gotta solve that cuz the rest of the poems are gooood

@shel honestly if this were the ending poem i feel like it'd be appropriate -- ending on the note that someday things will be better but we have no way of knowing when that will be

@dandelion yeah but it needs to be a certain number of pages for printing reasons, and adding middle poems is more difficult haha.

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