if you're a trans woman or trans feminine non-binary person there's a long-term study recruiting right now on trans feminine health and it compensates $250 spread out in 6 month intervals of $50. Https://

Apparently this link doesn't work when you click it from social media or in Chrome.... But if you just type l i t e s t u d y . o r g into your address bar and hit enter it seems to work in Firefox and safari..... It's a pretty buggy site tbqh

@Kyna @shel I'm apparently ineligible but they won't say why? I'm very confused.

@tindall I've participated in a fair amount of research and it's pretty common to not be told reasons if one is ineligible, I'm not sure why but my guess would be something about leaking information on the nature of the study when prospective participants need to be 'blinded' to some of that @Kyna @shel

@shel i think my masto app (subway tooter) didn't seem to like the H in Https being uppercase :flow_think:

@shel browsers now autoguess the http://www. when you type in a naked URL like that, adding the HTTPS will prevent that (and the site is only served on the www subdomain, hence the error

@shel Might be worth noting that it seems targeted at specifically the eastern and southeastern (“southern”, but as in deep-southern; it doesn't seem to extend into the southwestier parts like Texas/Arizona) US.

@dasyatidprime @shel
Yeah, it’s worth noting that none of those cities listed were west of the Mississippi. Living in the PNW, I was also deemed ineligible.

@shel signing up isn't working; the next button disappears on the consent page when you click "yes"

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