The Tree of Life Synagogue is holding a fundraiser to support medical bills, funeral costs, and building repairs needed after a Neo-Nazi from shot up the synagogue during Shabbat morning services.

Please turn out to support them if you can. This is one of the worst individual antisemitic attacks in recent American history

@shel And for more information on why the American white nationalist terrorist chose that particular target, read Why The Tree Of Life Shooter Was Fixated On The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in The New Yorker:

@shel Quick question—how do I verify that this indeed goes straight to the congregation? I'm not particularly familiar with GoFundMe. Is that "Certified Charity" thing in the sidebar sufficient?

@varx I don't know! As far as I can tell it's been set up by the congregation

@shel OK, I think that thing in the sidebar means it's legit, and goes straight to the congregation, so that's cool.

Apparently (according to the campaign creator's update #2) the congregation did not set it up—this person is doing it on their behalf. (Which makes it especially important that they aren't acting as an intermediary to the funds.)

@varx @shel I wondered the same and went searching for some additional confirmation. This quartz article points to that gofundme as well as additional places people could go:

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