I don't want fully automated luxury space communism. I want partially automated sustainable adequate earth ecocommunism.

@shel I’d like one, then the other. But really any change that doesn’t lead to worldwide famine amidst opulence it ok with me.

Have you heard the good word about the #resourcebasedeconomy ? Because that's what you're describing

@shel My one thing I'd change for my own usage is, Space might very well be a good idea for some things and beneficial in the long-run, so rather than specifically "... adequate earth ecocommunism" I think I'll phrase it as "... adequate /down-to-/earth ecocommunism".

@shel I May Not Be Good At Doing Things Or Firmly Advocating A Specific Political Ideology But I Sure Am Passably Good At Tweaking Good Phrases To Be Marginally Wittier.

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